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Find Your Friends

We love being social. That’s why we’re pleased to present our newest feature on Find Your Friends.

When you log into your account, you’ll notice a new addition to your dashboard.

Connect with different services to find out who you know has an account.

Add favorites to your directory so you can easily keep up with your friends’ updates as quickly as they happen. It’s that simple!

Get started now, and connect with people you know for a rich, social experience with the community.

5 responses to Find Your Friends

  1. Not so bad, but in a same time, after the game for Bilboard, do not know other people than “star” ; so …

  2. Essie

    Hi, love the concept. But I think there aren’t enough services to choose from. How about adding things like Pinterest, Shelfari, Goodreads? There are so many other social networking hubs out there than what you currently have. Will they eventually be added too?

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