How to: Add or update a background image

We have an amazing campaign to raise awareness and up to $10,000 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The only requirement is updating your background image. If it’s been a while, we’d like to offer some help and tips.

If you’d like to upload a new background image, look no further than the large green button at the top of the Backgrounds tab. Click that and you can choose from any image on your computer.  Your image should be close to the maximum display size, to best fit the background.

Instead if you’d like to donate your background for the month, simply click either image with the “Support St. Jude Children’s Hospital” text underneath. Choosing either of those donates $1 to the cause! Any background you’ve used will remain in Your Saved Backgrounds so it’s easy to go back to a previous image.

Finally, try out each of the Center, Tile and Scale options for your background. Update your Fonts and Colors to match the background you’ve chosen for a great looking page!