About.me in NYC

Check it out! Some of the new faces of about.me are being featured on TaxiTV across New York City, Chicago, and Boston. You might also see them on YouTube and Hulu commercials, so keep an eye out and tweet @aboutdotme if you see this video in the wild.

3 responses to About.me in NYC

  1. EXCELLENT!!! Really wish I was there that day but I had spies in Times Square the day you guys where there. Super exciting! Really glad I’m a part of the “About.Me” movement. I haven’t stopped getting text and Facebook messages on all my friends that have seen the Billboard and Taxi TV ads. Also gotten a few offers for gigs. “Bethesda Jackson” has too! Pantene Hair company, HelpMyGolfGame.com, and Funnyordie.com have become big supporters! They all LOVE the About.me splash page. I’ll keep you all in eh loop on what happens next! Thanks again for giving me a forum to unleash my inner “crazy”! 😉

  2. lauraglu

    Love to hear about all the success that’s come to you!

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