Tools to edit your images

We’ve talked about unique background images and those with a bit of design. But if you are new to updating images online, here are some free tools to get you started.

Skitch is a super-simple free image editing tool. It’s my go-to application for simple resizing and adding help text or arrows to an image.

For a more robust suite of tools, head to Aviary. Not only are there more granular options, but they also provide a host of tutorials and articles to accomplish specific changes.

Another option is Picnik, “photo editing made fun.” Picnik offers basic editing tools free, then provides an upgrade option for additional features.

What’s your favorite tool to use for image updates?

7 responses to Tools to edit your images

  1. My fav editor of all time will always come down to photoshop (unless something awesome is designed and developed). I would love something that is quick and easy if I were to go this route. Something that gives you an original resolution size image, doesn’t put a watermark on your photo, first a list of filters, then a list of borders (some people like borders) and then a section of advanced features if you want them (keeping this simple as well) after that you have your social network links to share to and an option to save to your computer / phone. But yeah, I’m not a fan of these three that you listed.

  2. @lauraglu I love reading your blog posts. I’ve been using picnik for years…it’s great! I just downloaded skitch for my mac desktop and I love it already. Thanks!!

  3. lauraglu

    Thanks Jeremiah – do you have any free tool you’d recommend? Photoshop is indeed fantastic, but may not be in the budget for everyone.

    Appreciate the appreciation Georgia! Glad to hear a vote for Picnik and that you’re enjoying Skitch!

  4. Thomas Hogan

    I use photoshop if i’m home and avairy if i’m out. smooth transition between the two products.

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