About.me on Google+

We’ve joined the ranks of G+ with our own page there. We’ll be sharing blogs posts, images and related articles we think you might be interested in.

And of course, looking for great about.me page to share with our community everywhere. We’ve already discovered pages we’d not seen before; Matthew Marley, Matt Menietti, Joseph Kuuire, Fernando Montano, Doug Hanson and Ogasawara.

There are also pages that have been updated since we’ve last seen them, like Pedro’s, Tara’sJay’s, and Stacey’s.

Thanks to all for sharing!

3 responses to About.me on Google+

  1. Good, in 1 of my Circle there and now, after my About me, the follow at Twitter and the Circle on G+, maybe you’ll find me LOL

  2. G+ for Google Apps customers I am finally in. I have also 301 redirected a domain to my
    +c c – Google+
    Thanks for the post

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