Students for hire

We saw some great-looking pages created by Internmatch readers.

Above, Ashli is a student journalist aiming to “create a new medium of solid reporting.” She integrates a story she’s written into her background image, a creative way to display her expertise.

Ali Touqeer Ghuman is cornering a range of markets, from IT to event planning – basically open to anything!

Nick makes it easy for potential employers to learn about his background and interests.  He links to a pdf of his resume, as well as various architecture websites, reflecting his recent graduation from architecture school.

Molly is “inspired by the natural world” and is a registered dietitian mastering in food culture and communication.  Her blog covers just that, eating and studying in Italy.

Finally, HughL is looking to be “your social media consigliere.” He already has a number of Twitter accounts, described in his bio.

Are you a student with an page?  Share in the comments here or offer feedback for those we featured.

3 responses to Students for hire

  1. Brilliant collaboration with Internmatch and! It just goes to show the many reasons and uses to having an profile.

  2. It makes more sense to have an page, stories are told nowadays on blogs and this can be a great platform for students to share among each other.

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