Every student needs awesome business cards

This is a guest post by Tara Seshan at Internmatch.

Does the “internship application blues” have you down? It’s a common frustration. After sending in file after file and pdf after pdf, most students are tired of applying to positions and ready to give up! However, don’t throw in the towel quite yet-we’ve got a solution that will help you stand out from the crowd!

While applying for internships, make yourself memorable with business cards.

Not For the Jack Donaghy’s Among Us Anymore

Dismiss those stereotypes associated with business card use, because Jack Donaghy is not the only one using business cards anymore. While many think that cards are simply for the old time business professionals among us, in reality almost everyone has been using business cards to their advantage!
“In nearly every industry-from world changing non-profits to early stage startups business cards are used regularly. Even volunteers at the Red Cross use business cards. This is not a business school thing, it is a I am no longer thinking like a student thing” says Nathan Parcells, CMO of InternMatch.

Why They Matter

Businesses know that while hiring interns, they’re coming in with very little experience. The greatest fear of any manager is completely unprofessional and untrained interns who must learn job associated basics and etiquette.

Business cards dispel those fears, because let’s face it: most students don’t have them. With your cards, you’re showing an employer that you are trained, in the know, professional, and that you “get it.” You’re ready to contribute, rather than endlessly learn basics!

Business cards also provide an opportunity for you to brand yourself (not in the cattle raising sense, y’all.) With a customized card that speaks to what you do and what you’re interested in, you’re putting forth a cohesive idea of who you are as a person and why you’re right for the job. You’re developing a carefully cultured identify-and the mere fact that you’ve taken the effort to do show displays skill and professionalism to an employer! And for more information, and an excellent example of student branding, check out Matthew Epstein’s “Google Please Hire Me” venture!

And They’re Really Fun

Let’s be honest – creating business cards is first and foremost really entertaining! Devising designs and choosing pictures and layout is fun for any student, and when it contributes to your professional development, it’s guilt free.

So spend some time visiting moo.com or sign up for about.me and receive 50 free cards. When attending career fairs, recruiting events, or simply meeting individuals, pass your cards out and take their cards, too! It’s a great opportunity to avoid the internship blues, and push your career forward!

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8 responses to Every student needs awesome business cards

  1. Yes, every student does need business cards! I’ve been saying that for years. But not just students, everyone. In a world of digital everything, handwritten sentiments and old school business cards say far more about who you are and leave a lasting impact. I embrace and evangelize the digital world, but we must not forsake the personal touch.

  2. Thanks Butch, I love the enthusiasm in support of better branding for all! I have spoken at close to 30 universities now and I always ask how many students have business cards and the number is typically under 5%. It is pretty incredible how big a gap of knowledge there is between what students know to be successful in school and whaat they need to learn to be successful in the professional world. It’s great that sites like about.me are working to help narrow this gap.

  3. I love the look I get when people see my personal business cards. It’s as though they never realized you can make business cards on your own. Companies have never had the corner on these things. So, readers, go make your business cards! Stop reading blog comments!

  4. i love my aboutme business cards

    wish i got them awhile ago and then I would be winning this contest

    I want aboutme to be my partner in spreading my important books to millions

    i love the aboutme look and gives me the opportunity to have a simple site with all the links I need while sharing the most precious gifts in my ;life my twin boys.

    ill be with you guys forever I just hope i see you inNYC at the winner event

  5. an about.me page + personal business cards = successful student. I’m already advising my students to create a page.

  6. I got myself business cards a year before I graduated from college. Though it helped to impress prospective employers as I worked my way of landing an internship, they never got back to me. That’s the problem I have here in Qatar, where they are all about getting people who have more than 5 years of work experience. They don’t even consider investing and nurturing young fresh talent that can give back a lot to the organization

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