Be the face of and star on our Times Square billboard! has launched a month-long contest to find new faces for our fall promotion.

Selected winners will see their page featured across our campaign, including on a GIANT billboard in Times Square. Plus, the top three winners will win a trip to the Big Apple to see their page in lights and attend an exclusive party.

How can you win?  All you have to do is  create a profile (or visit your profile) and click “Opt-in Now” on your page. Then start sharing your page with all of your friends to get votes. The contest closes on September 20th, so enter your page now!

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  1. lauraglu

    Thanks for the feedback Roshan. We’re looking into making this information more up front.

  2. lauraglu

    Hi Ed, You can see your own ranking within 5% but we don’t plan to post a leaderboard. We didn’t have quite enough time to build one & ensure it was real-time accurate!

  3. lauraglu

    It will show when you are signed in, on your own page, if you expand the “Share” box. Thanks!

  4. lauraglu

    Hi Neel – clicking Edit should still allow you to edit your page. If not, please Contact Us via the Help link in your dashboard and we can investigate!

  5. It’s so ironic. I was looking to create a single one page website, but couldn’t find a good template. I created one just a few weeks before I heard… Obviously, signed up straight away once I did. It had everything I needed. So clearly had to join this competition. And posted it out so more people will join the challenge!

    Good luck to all!

  6. Each of our 2 office locations has a local area network, distinct pcs for each employee. Employees at their own pcs get “oops already voted” when try to vote. Is only 1 pc on a lan allowed to vote?

  7. lauraglu

    If they are signed in, each should be able to vote once every 24 hours. Otherwise, please contact us via the help link in your dashboard with details!

  8. lauraglu

    Hi Christina – this should be fixed by tomorrow. If not, please contact us via the Help link in your dashboard.

  9. Fact: My boyfriend of 2 years broke up with me after I moved to a different city to be with him.

    Help redeem my self worth with your vote 🙂

  10. Please vote for which is “” participating in “about.movements” that drive change and accountability.

  11. I like your movement and voted for you. Vote for me too as I work with others to make movements happen .

  12. Hi everybody!! I’m an argentinian writter, I usually write against discrimination, homophobia, xenophobia. I always write posts in Spanish against pedophilia, and tips for reporting that kind of problems.

    You’re welcome to visit my page and vote my profile!

    Thanks a lot! Greetings from Argentina!

  13. lauraglu

    @Gian Luca,
    While we appreciate your enthusiasm, we don’t approve duplicate comments. And – we aren’t offering this contest worldwide, but will continue to include all users in other offers as we did with MOO.


  14. @Lauraglu
    Thanks for the answer, but continuous to say that it is not correct to leave the button of vote on all the profiles, but only on those that can participate. Because who knows how much people as me that in a first moment they have not read the whole rule still voting and making vote without knowing that they cannot participate in the contest.
    Gian Luca

  15. lauraglu

    Right – we don’t actually have any specific data for where an account owner is from, so there wasn’t a way for us to do this in a way that guaranteed accuracy. Sorry for any confusion!

  16. @Lauraglu
    Excuse me…..but. if you don’t have the opportunity to know the place where the account owner lives, how do you can select the winners and be sure that is American???? No?…………..
    I regret a lot to create this polemic. but it is just because I like and I like clear and correct things.
    Gian Luca

  17. lauraglu

    We will confirm they are in the US when they are chosen. But, this isn’t information that is otherwise collected in the sign up process.

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