How to: Add and edit custom URLs

One of my favorite features we offer is the ability to add and customize URLs. Below, I’ll show you how to do this with my Google plus account.  Because G+ has no API or RSS (yet) a custom URL is the best way to add it to your page.

First, click the “Add a Site” button on your page. Then choose the Add a URL option.

When prompted, add the URL you’d like and confirm. You can see I added my Google Plus profile URL.

Finally, click the pencil in your list of URLs, to edit the text used for the link.  I chose G+ for mine. And you can see the final product at my page.

9 responses to How to: Add and edit custom URLs

  1. Hey thanks for writing this! I wrote in yesterday asking about G+ and Goodreads specifically & I think it was you who emailed me back. This certainly simplifies things. 🙂

  2. lauraglu

    Yup! You weren’t the first, but I wrote this piece after helping you. Glad it helps!

  3. and of course this is only temporary, right? You’ll soon add G+ to add services…

  4. lauraglu

    Nope – we’ve signed up to get access when it comes out though.

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