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What do you think? We’ve narrowed some of our favorite Typekit fonts down to this selection.ย We’d love to get your feedback on the top three fonts you’d like to see added to those available for your profiles.

Add your three favorites in a comment to vote and we’ll use your input to decide which to add.

212 responses to Vote for new fonts

  1. Bonnyface

    1. Felt Tip Roman
    2. Good Times
    3. Swing Dance

    And not necessarily in that order.

  2. They’re all good, my vote goes to these three:

    1) Good Times
    2) Aviano Flare
    3) Felt Tip Roman

  3. I like Lobster, but I think the focus should be on picking fonts that are distinct from what’s currently available, so…

    DEFINITELY keep Baroque,
    EITHER Good Times or BD Colonius (Both have a Sci-fi vibe)
    EITHER Lobster or Swing Dance (Heavy brushpen fonts)

    My least favorite of the lot is Graveblade, but again, diversity is good, and it’s certainly a different font, so it would be my fourth pick.

  4. Anton Suprun

    I like Aviano Flare, Good Times, Lobster and Swing Dance.
    But what I would really like to see is at least one monospace font.

  5. Definitely..
    1. Aviano Flare – Clean, stylized designer font
    2. Felt Tip Roman – Fun, cartoon creative font
    3. Swing Dance – Can rarely go wrong with script

    Nice to see a poll giving the users a choice in what is included in the service ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. 1. Felt Tip Roman
    2. Good Times
    3. English Small Caps

    I think each of these 3 fonts are the type of fonts which are currently missing from the service and would be excellent additions.

    Thanks for asking!

  7. lauraglu

    Great to hear feedback from everyone, though I am a bit bummed there aren’t more votes for my favorite, Graveblade!

  8. Graveblade would be a great font for names and headlines. Possibly for musicians or other creatives.

    However, I’m sticking with:
    1. Aviano Flare
    2. Felt Tip Roman
    3. Swing Dance

  9. Love the bd colonius, can see my self having some Good Times and totally eat up that Lobster for a starter (title).

  10. William La Mont

    1 – BD Colonius
    2 – Graveblade
    3 – Aviano Flare

    P.s I love the comments font! It’s so smooth ^_^

  11. Veronica

    I’m digging the last three:

    3.Swing Dance

  12. gabriellecyw

    1. English Small Caps
    2. Aviano Flare
    3. …more choices please?

  13. While these are some good selections (i quite like Aviano Flare, and English Small Caps) what i’d really like is a way to set up a kit from my own typekit account! I’ve used a few faces that you don’t offer (Brokenscript, Skolar, FF Tisa, and FF Nova) to define my identity in several places across the web, and it’d be nice to be able to keep that consistent here too.

  14. 1. Felt Tip Roman
    2. English Small Caps
    3. Avino Flare

    Great job Team!

    Keep up the good work.

  15. lauraglu

    We haven’t determined a final number but there are some clear standouts here.

  16. @lauraglu I’m with you there on more votes for 1. Graveblade.

    Also lovin
    2. Baroque
    3. Aviano

    I’d say they’re all great, just get rid of the 3 *least* voted for, these will be used everywhere! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Would love a feature of my sexy profile crafted by one of my 16yr old designers! :


  17. Shawn Collins

    Can I vote?

    2. Lobster
    3. Swingdance

  18. ElShaddai Edwards

    Swing Dance
    Aviano Flare
    Felt Tip Roman

  19. Jake

    1. English Small Caps
    2. Aviano Flare
    3. Felt Tip Roman

  20. 1. English Small Caps
    2. Aviano Flare
    3. Good Times

    BTW… Please add Baue Haus Neue and Helvetica Neue Ultralight

  21. 1. Felt Tip Roman
    2. Swing Dance
    3. Aviano Flare

    I think they’re all legible, but just a “little” funky!

  22. Ivo

    Typekit has so many better fonts available, even some for free. Iโ€™m sure that they would even help you finding them. To be honest, Iโ€™d rather vote for none of the listed ones. If I really had to chose, Iโ€™d vote at least for Felt Tip Roman, even though it wonโ€™t be a good choice for most serious profile pages.

  23. 1. LOBSTER -Any font called Lobster has to be a winner!
    2. English Small Caps
    3. Felt Tip Roman

    But they are all pretty cool ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. lauraglu

    Our goal was to get a selection that differ from our current fonts. What area do you think we are missing, and what font would you recommend?

  25. Like the idea of polling the community about new fonts. Shame the font I’d really love to see (Yanone Kaffeesatz) isn’t on the list, but here is my list among those who are:

    1 English Small Caps
    2 Aviano Flare
    3 Felt Tip Roman

  26. DasRakel

    1. English Small Caps
    2. Good Times
    3. English Small Caps

  27. 1. English small caps
    2. Good Times
    3. Baroque – Lobster – Graveblade

    Classic, Modern and Rock, fonts like music ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. Jacob Drabik

    01 Lobster
    02 English Small Caps
    03 Good Times

  29. Mo

    1. Felt Tip Roman
    2. Good Times
    3. Swing Dance

    And not necessarily in that order.

  30. Torben

    1. Swing Dance
    2. English Small Caps
    3. Felt Tip Roman

  31. 1) Aviano
    2) Lobster
    3) Swing Dance

    Swing Dance seems to be a favorite, so I really hope it makes the cut! I love it!

  32. Todd

    Font = Typeface + Style + Size.

    Arial, bold, 10 is a font. Arial is a type face.

    And yes, it’s still wrong to call a typeface a “font” even if everyone else is doing it.

    Do your part to fight ignorance today!

  33. Felt Tip Roman
    English Small Caps
    Swing Dance

    In that order. If you pick Felt Tip Roman, then I will change my current page. Thanks.

  34. Hi,

    1. Baroque
    2. Swing Dance
    3 Aviano Flare
    4. Felt Tip Roman

    I love the simplicity of about me, well done guys. Fantastic work.

  35. Lobster, Baroque Text and Swing Dance are my favorites of the above fonts. BD Colonius gets an honorable mention.

  36. joebidness

    english small caps / good times / felt tip roman

  37. 1. Aviano Flare
    2. Good Times
    3. Felt Tip Roman

    are my choices. Two modern looking ones and one leisurely relaxed one. Thanks!

  38. My favorites are:

    1. Swing Dance
    2. Aviano Flare
    3. Lobster or Natalya Alternate One – I really like both of these

  39. Keesha

    1. Aviano Flare
    2. English Small Caps
    3. Aviano Flare

  40. I’m not sure how the vote system will work, but I would like to see a mixed set of fonts.
    So far, Aviano and Good Times are the top voted, but, they are both sans serif. Next time, you should categorize the fonts to get the best sans serif, serif, cursive and (please please please) a monospaced font or you could end up with 3 fonts that look alike.

  41. Mike

    I like all of them, but for my top 3:
    Aviano Flare
    English Small Caps
    Felt Tip Roman

    Thank you for adding the additional features!

  42. Mauve

    @lauraglu re: @Anton’s monospace request: Here are a couple of good options, in my order of preference:
    Botanika Mono Web
    Anonymous Pro
    Adaptive Mono
    It would also be great if we could change the default weight of the fonts in the name and headline from normal {font-weight: 400} to something lighter and more elegant or heavier for greater impact.

  43. Gabrielle

    I like fonts that are very readable, so the content shines through:

    1. Aviano Flare
    2. English Small Caps

    I also like

    3. Swing Dance,

    although I think it’s pretty similar to Corner Store.

    But I love that you’re adding more options, whatever you choose!

  44. Aviano flare
    English sall caps (Really pretty!)
    Lobster / Swing Dance (whichever gets more votes)

  45. Sarah

    Anything but Felt Tip Roman…bleck. You might as well add Papyrus.

    But seriously, why add only one or two? Add them all!

  46. I like ALL of them! Choosing the top 3:
    1. English Small Caps
    2. Felt Tip Roman
    3. Natalya Alternate One

  47. Jeannie Tse

    1. English Small Caps
    2. Swing Dance
    3. Aviano Flare

  48. wm spinks

    1. Aviano Flare
    2. Felt Tip Roman
    3. Natalya Alternate 1

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