You’ve got Klout!

We’ve partnered with Klout to bring you more stats for your Dashboard. You already know how many people visit your page and where they’re clicking.  Now, you have an instant snapshot of your online influence.

Simply click the More Data tab in your Dashboard , and Klout will analyze your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn activity to measure:

  • Your True Reach – the size of your engaged audience.
  • Your Amplification score – how they engage – by clicking, retweeting, liking or responding to your posts.
  • The Network score – your network’s influence.

Your Klout Style is a general classification based on your activity on the social web.  With Klout you can discover the power of your digital influence and, together with your Profiles Stats, capture the big picture of your online presence.

Not Seeing Klout Data in your Dashboard?

Klout data is generated from your Twitter account. Follow these simple steps to see it in your Dashboard.  Head over to your page, and sign in.  On your page, click the Add A Site button.

There, click the Twitter box.  This will allow you to connect your Twitter account to your page.

Once your account is connected, Klout will be able to analyze your data.  As soon as it’s been processed and is available, you’ll see it in your Dashboard!

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