Making about so much more

Becky Straw is the Co-Founder and Chief Adventurist of The Adventure Project, a non-profit adding venture to support social enterprises around the world. She loves travel, tech, and a good cup of coffee.

This week, the non-profit, The Adventure Project, has launched a special campaign, and is using to make a difference.

One to 1,000, has a goal of enlisting 1,000 people to dedicate their profiles to raise awareness about small farmers in developing countries.

Currently, 80% of the poor in Sub-Saharan Africa work as small farmers and 75% of their children go hungry.

If The Adventure Project can enlist 1,000 people by May 31st, sponsors will donate to help Kickstart, a social enterprise marketing affordable irrigation pumps to farmers in East Africa. Each pump can increase a farmer’s income 1,000%.

Click on the image to learn more and make your profile about-so-much-more.