It’s all about you

Welcome to the blog! Our aim here is to share best practices around creating an profile, provide product updates and share ideas around branding and identity. We’ll be mixing in content about the technology behind as well as the team and culture. We hope to be visual, entertaining and informative.

Share your thoughts and feedback in the comments section. Please be thoughtful and interesting.  We’d love to hear topics you want to see covered here.  And if you’d like your profile to be featured, let us know!

7 responses to It’s all about you

  1. Art

    Great idea, especially the sharing best practices part! Will be following this blog.

  2. I like the ‘easy going’ feeling you’ve created around and the ability to look up your team and investors. But it’s really the service itself that sets you apart.

    Would be great to include some design ideas and tips, I was thinking about writing something around this, but one of the issues with your brand is searching can be a bit of a problem, a search for – best practice “” – returns a bunch of generic tips unrelated to your service.

    Glad you decided to start a blog, would love to know some of what goes on behind the scenes, the technology and ideas being thrown around. Maybe some more info about the team and the origins of Looking forward to future posts 🙂

  3. lauraglu

    Thanks for the comments! We have a few guest bloggers up our sleeves to bring expertise around branding, writing and design. Stay tuned!

  4. Great idea, but how can I create such nice pictures over the entire screen and add more information?

  5. lauraglu

    Hi Regina,

    The maximum visible background image we display is 1680×1050 pixels, but we recommend using a background image of 1024×768 pixels and keeping your text within 960×620 pixels to be visible on most displays.

    If you’d like one on one help, click Support in your Dashboard and Contact Us!


  6. Lola LB

    Why is it taking so long to send out the invites? I signed up like 6 or 7 months ago and I’m not sure if I got my invite yet or if this site is still in beta.

  7. lauraglu

    Hi Lola!
    Write to if you need help getting a url. Invites were sent out but if you didn’t get yours we can help ou there. Thanks!

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