Meet Our Campus Ambassadors is the rare place where college students can be themselves. A place that they can share who they are and who they want to be.

Whether students are hilarious on Twitter, take amazing photos of food on Instagram or have an amazing collection of cover songs on SoundCloud, we help them celebrate that.

This fall, we’ve had the pleasure of working with and meeting some amazing students. They’re go-getters who are making their local communities and the world a better place. From their personal ventures, to producing personal branding events, these six students should definitely be on your watch list.

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Students of the Week: Cool Cats at Cal (UC Berkeley)

Peruse through student profiles from the University of California, Berkeley, and you will find a diverse group exemplifying dichotomies in life. From the computer science studying beauty queen to the socially responsible risk taker, it’s interesting to see how each of these young people take advantage of everything the world and their school has to offer.

caroline.wallis24_1397023819_15Most of Caroline’s disposable income goes to green tea lattes, fixing her vintage Schwinn, and used books. She’s a rising third year at UC Berkeley and a double major in design innovation and legal studies.

michelle.angeli_1315956678_45Michelle is an art history and anthropology double major who’s interested in photography, traveling, science fiction, history, and stencil graffiti art.

jasmine_lee_1357509687_17Jasmine is a performing artist turned computer science nerd from San Francisco. She spent her summer interning at a start up called Neon Labs while also participating as a fellow at True Ventures. Both brains and beauty, Jasmine participates in pageants when she can.

rishiahuja_1362983155_14Rishi is a Cal superstar triple majoring in political science, economics, and public policy. He’s optimistic about life and loves to read, think, eat, play basketball, and watch John Stuart.

5 Things to do in or around UC Berkeley

  1. Berkeley Repertory Theatre
  2. Indian Rock Park:  One of Berkeley’s rock parks in the Northbrae area, it provides great views and challenges for early-level rock climbing.
  3. Berkeley Marina
  4. UC Botanical Garden
  5. Lawrence Hall of Science


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