Students of the Week: Academics and compassion at the University of Washington

The picturesque University of Washington is like a scene from out of a book! These Huskies get to spend their time exploring the beautiful campus while having the fun and excitement of Seattle at their fingertips. 

Things to do at the University of Washington

  1. Practice your yoga or catch the UW crew team working out from the shady green lawns and walking path behind the Center of Human Development and Disability.
  2. Visit the contemporary Native American art collection in the M.S. Gallagher Law Library.
  3. Go climb a rock! Find the UW outdoor climbing rock by the Waterfront Activities Center.
  4. Watch an acclaimed musician working with masters-level music students. Free and open to the public!
  5. Explore stargazing with an expert from the astronomy department, using telescopes at the Jacobsen Observatory or new UW Planetarium.

Sarah HubbardIt’s as hard as rocket science? Well, Sarah Hubbard would know. She’s a computer science major and former NASA Space Researcher. In her free time, Sarah passionately encourages students and women alike to embrace their love of technology and entrepreneurship.

Smita RavaleBusiness savvy and a great chef, Smita Ravale is currently pursuing her Masters in Information Management. She went to school in Mumbai and previously worked at Accenture.

Samantha ZwickerSamantha Zwicker is currently in grad school hoping to further examine the anthropogenic and environmental impacts on ecosystem diversity, structure, and function.

Nicole Castle-BauerThat’s all well and good in practice… but how does it work in theory? Nicola Castle-Bauer can answer that for you! A senior at the University of Washington, this academic’s research on the effects of genocide has led her to help reduce violence against minority groups.

Tyler BjorkAthletic and compassionate, Tyler Bjork, brings together his talents outside of the classroom. He is an Urban Studies major and a coach to students who compete in the Special Olympics.

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