Bienvenidos a Colombia

One of the most awesome things about Colombia is the great variety of climates and landscapes in the country which means you could go from snow capped mountains to trekking through the dessert within a day or so.

But if you have to choose just one place to visit, our local friend Edwin Reyes, recommends the Villa de Leyva. Located 3 hours away from Colombia’s capital, Bogotá, the small city is full of charm. From the stone streets to the houses, it’s a beautiful representation of the Spanish colonial style architecture. Its main square is said to be one of the largest plaza in South America and the weather, well it’s nearly perfect, always hovering between 23-28ºC (73-82ºF).

More than the architecture, sights and food (arepas, yum!) there are the people. Almost always when someone speaks about Colombia, they mention the kind and welcoming Colombians that made their visit so wonderful.

So without further ado, we invite you to get to know this great group of Colombians on

Rafael Bayona Better known as Patton on other forms of social media, Rafael Bayona is a avid cycler and resident of Bogotá

Diana Carolina Torres ViasusDiana Carolina Torres Viasus is an engineer and incredibly passionate about her role as a Microsoft Student Partner.

Jose Vergara A musician, photographer and graphic designer, José Vergara links from his page to the beautiful websites he’s designed for each different passion.

Liliana NeugebauerLiliana Neugebauer is a journalist, model and graphic designer who studied and worked in Germany and now splits her time between London and Spain.

Julian Martinez Arenas Julian Martínez Arenas‘s passion for entrepreneurship finally led him to start his own company which helps other small businesses in Colombia.

Yeimy Pardo Creative and observant, Yeimy Pardo is a publicist who loves movies and photography.

Andres Barreto Andrés Barreto cofounded sites such as Onswipe, Grooveshark and Pulso Social.

Liliana Andrade Liliana Andrade is a journalist who founded El Parlante Amarillo, a network to help others learn about and share the work of emerging Latin American and Spanish artists.

Andres AtehortuaAndrés Atehortúa is a developer, web designer and photography enthusiast.

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