Fjords, ocean and countrysides: Norway

“Norway taught me to appreciate the company of nature in the form of snow and mountains,” says Janicke H Eckbo who was born in Norway and has since lived around the world. The beautiful backdrops of her fellow Norwegians and the large number of photographers among them (including Eswaran Arulkumar in our header photo) made it easy to see the beauty of the country not just in snow and mountains but in fjords, ocean, and countrysides.

This fun music video by the band No.4 and Widerøe airlines, compiles photos and videos from Norwegians all over the country. Enjoy some great music and beautiful scenery while you learn more about the Kingdom of Norway through our favorite Norwegians below!

Anders Aa HagenA photographer, Anders Aa Hagen‘s compelling photo immediately drew us into his page to checkout his website with more of his amazing portfolio.

Bettina WolmersenBettina Wolmersen is a full time designer and hobby photographer who likes to capture all sorts of creatures and flowers.

Mats GulbrandsenMats Gulbrandsen is a music producer and DJ based in Oslo, Norway. Want to hear and see him at work? Check out his Check out his YouTube app.

Guro ToloArtist, shower singer and frequent laugher, Guro Tolo is not your typical high-schooler.

Morten PromOriginally from Denmark, Morten Prom is a software developer with a passion for photography.

Evgenia Egorova Fun fact Evgenia Egorova has kissed a wolf. She now inspires people to travel to northern Norway. Just seeing her Instagram feed, we’re inspired!

Eilif KilandEilif Kiland is a business consultant, passionate gamer, and blogger who writes on technology in both Norwegian and English.

Janicke H EckboA world traveler, Janicke H Eckbo was born in Norway, studied in Australia worked in the U.S. and now lives in the U.K.

Geir BækholtGeir Bækholt is a serial entrepreneur, open source enthusiast, inventor, foodie and has a super power desired by every frequent traveler. He can sleep on planes.

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