Marketers and Photographers

This week’s community members are marketing and communication gurus and photographers with wide ranging specialities. Hailing from France, New Zealand, Nova Scotia and Spain, these talented professionals span the globe.

Matthias Etienne Contius who heads off this post, is an art lover, creative thinker and idea catalyst specializing in marketing and advertising. Matthias lives in Paris, France and believes nothing is more exciting than communication done well.

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Typographers, Illustrators & Perfectionists: Graphic Designers

“Good is the enemy of great”, is one of Leslie Martin‘s favorite quotes. It seems to fit with her job as a very detail oriented (she admits she’s a perfectionist) graphic designer.

And she’s not the only one. That quality of perfectionism seems to shine through in so many of the creative and beautiful pages of Graphic Designers on

Some of them, like Lisa Nemetz (in our header photo) use their pages to display their skills and passions. In case you couldn’t tell, Lisa’s a typographer and calligrapher. Others design their pages to incorporate links and apps that show off their portfolios, gorgeous websites, and personal design studios.

A designer himself, our co-founder Ryan Freitas hand picked the pages below.

Jena ClarkJena Clark secretly wishes she were a pirate. A nice one of course.

Jared Erondu Jared Erondu isn’t just a designer, he’s also a writer, editor and co-founder of The Industry, which covers design focused startups and people.

Leslie Martin A typography enthusiast, Leslie Martin is also a fashionista and friendly vegan.

Mark RudolphA lover of comics and metal music, as a high schooler Mark Rudolph created an extreme metal fanzine. Also, his hair is awesome.

Laura Helen WinnFormerly a part of the team, Laura Helen Winn was born in Kentucky and raised in Tennessee so she prefers both bourbon and whiskey.

Dirk Uhlenbrock Dirk Uhlenbrock is a father, gourmand, illustrator, typographer, art director and too many things to list. You should probably check out his page to see them all.

Jani SpennhoffOriginally from Germany, Jani Spennhoff a.k.a. Jani Lunablau, has lived in Barcelona for 20 years. She’s a great lover of the sea and pádel.

Bram PitoyoDon’t forget to check out typographer Bram Pitoyo‘s favorite fonts, linked from his page.

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