Andia Winslow Running The Fit Cycle

How One Athlete is Changing Lives Through Fitness

Most people extend their arms to the upper bars of the subway to steady themselves as the train starts and stops along its tracks. Andia Winslow, on the other hand, uses the upper bars to do midair sit ups, something we discovered through the fitness video in her email signature, alongside a link to her page.

A graduate of Yale University with a degree in Sociology and Film studies, Andia founded The Fit Cycle, to inspire people to incorporate fitness into their daily lives through training videos she initially filmed in her backyard. Apart from her work there, Andia is a professional golfer and hopes to return to touring and competition this year. A retired Olympic athlete in the sport of Skeleton, she is also a certified fitness professional, fashion model and writer working on her first two books. One of her books centers on The Fit Cycle, its founding and helping readers to make healthy changes in their lives. The other is a memoir about her experience being the live-in caretaker for her terminally ill grandfather.

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A Scientific Approach to Golf: Lessons from a PGA instructor

Trillium Rose doesn’t just love golf, she lives it.

At the age of just six she swung her first golf club while on the practice range with her father. By the age of eight she was on the course with him, enjoying how he made the game so much fun. As she grew older, in order to play with other kids her age, she began entering into junior tournaments. 

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