How One Food Entrepreneur Stays Inspired And Keeps a Clear Head

Lisa Q. Fetterman is helping people cook smarter.

Lisa is the founder of Nomiku, a sous vide tool that cooks vacuum-sealed food in low temperature water. With Nomiku, you can control the temperature of your food and create perfectly cooked dishes without the effort.

Lisa successfully runs her own business by mastering the art of approaching challenges with a clear head. Her secrets include travel and regular exercise, although Lisa doesn’t believe in work-life balance. Lisa advocates for “doing what you want.”

In our interview, Lisa gives us a taste of a day in her life and describes a dream project. She also shares 5 guidelines for aspiring women founders, including what she considers to be a critical exercise for personal and professional growth.

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Change makers: This Week’s Staff Picks

There are a ton of new faces on this week’s Staff Picks page so be sure to have a look. But not before you check out our top four favorite pages of the week! Every one of them devotes their time to making change in their local communities and the world.

In our header photo we have Lani Rovzar a principal at 42º, a San Francisco arts agency devoted to partnering local artists with companies and organizations for social engagement and community investment. In her spare time she enjoys surfing and travel. 

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