Marketers, Designers and Directors: Featured Friday

Welcome to Featured Friday! We want to finish this week on a high note with a some great user pages from all around the world.

If you don’t see your page on this week’s #FFaboutme you can always try for next week by adding your URL to your Twitter bio and tweeting at us @aboutdotme with the hashtag, #FFaboutme. And don’t forget, you have to have a picture of you and your lovely face in your background photo!

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Featured Friday: A Tech Lawyer, Designer & HR Strategist

Hello Everyone! It’s that time of the week again, Friday, meaning that today we’re featuring some amazing pages submitted to us by our users.

If you’re not featured here today, you can still join in too! In order to participate, add your page link to your Twitter bio and tweet at us with the hashtag #FFaboutme. If we think you have a great page we’ll feature you on Friday. And remember, since we’ll show your background photo here, be sure to show us a picture of your lovely face!

Mehul ParekhA designer and typography enthusiast, Mehul Parekh is a co-founder of Khabar magazine designed for the Indian community in the United States.

Nancy J HessNancy J Hess is an HR Strategist who loves to travel, paint and do yoga in her spare time.

Giorgio RomeoA tech lawyer, Giorgio Romeo writes for online magazines about new technology and open government. He is also passionate about soccer, tennis, design and architecture.

Imperfect Pearls Monica Ensign founded Imperfect Pearls 12 years ago to teach confidence to women and girls. Check out her  page for her amazing story.

Rahul Baxi is a software engineer from Carnegie Mellon University who is now based in the Bay Area.

Featured Friday: An Engineer, Photographer, Painter & Designer

Happy Friday everyone! Not only are we glad it’s Friday but we’re excited to be featuring some awesome pages on the blog today!

In order to participate next time, add your page link to your Twitter bio and tweet at us with the hashtag #FFaboutme. If we think you have a great page we’ll feature you on Friday. And remember, since we’ll show your background photo here, be sure to have a picture of your lovely face!

Cecilia Casas An engineer who specializes in in urban planning, Cecilia Casas is no stranger to hard work having grown up helping out in the family vineyard!

Muzammil Syed SMuzammil Syed S is a graphic designer and web developer from India.

AaronAaron Villescas snapped the amazing photo above, see his page for more of his work.

Dora Sislian ThemelisThough she loves to paint watercolor florals and landscapes, Dora Sislian Themelis also likes to knit and design bead jewelry.

Marty MankinsMarty Mankins is an author, blogger, vlogger and proud scooter owner.

Featured Friday: A Marketer, Mommy Blogger, Journalist, & Philanthropist

It’s that time again: Featured Friday #FFaboutme! As always, add your profile link to your Twitter bio for a chance to be featured on our blog. Putting your profile in your Twitter bio gives people an opportunity to get to know you beyond your Twitter page. jpeg-4Danny DeReuter definitely wins points from us for all the apps he has on his page and for such a great bio. Short and sweet.

jpegWatch out for this up and coming TV personality, Joshua Conner, who is the youngest Chicago SJNN Reporting Fellowship participant for Northwestern’s Journalism School.

jpeg-3As a marketer, Jim Beretta travels often and is never far from his camera. Check out his flickr feed for an adorable picture of a seal and other great shots.

jpeg-2Check out Heather James‘s bio and you won’t be able to not jump into reading her mummy blog, Inspiring Mums.

jpeg-1It’s hard to say just a few words about Jennifer Breakspear and all the awesome work she’s doing to make a difference in Canada and the world at large. So just check out her page.

Featured Friday: An Actor, Epidemiologist, Developer, and Social Media Marketer

It’s back! Every Friday at we feature some of our fantastic users who have interacted with us on Twitter throughout the week using the hashtag, #FFaboutme. To be considered, we ask our followers to include their page links in their Twitter bios.

What are the benefits of adding your page to your Twitter bio? Your page serves as a comprehensive way to tell your story on the web. Not only does it allow you to write a compelling biography about yourself, you can consider it a hub for all your other social platforms, blogs, playlists, and more. Here are some awesome people who have made excellent use of their pages:

We loved Ahmad Dohjoka’s page because his bio describes him both personally and professionally in such a friendly manner.

jpeg-3Next up, we have Tim King: bearded adventurer, part-time writer, and cider drinker. Cheers, mate!

Be sure to take a peek at musical theater performer, Bailey Sonner’s page. She’s starred in Grease, CATS, and Spring Awakening.

jpeg-2Check out epidemiologist, Osama Berrada born in Montreal, and raised in Ottawa. We wonder if he’s a Senators or Canadien fan…

Featured Friday: 7/11/2014

TGIF, folks. This week we’ve featured some pretty great stories on our blog. If you haven’t checked it out already, take a look at our Students of the Week from USC and our visit down under on our World Tour: Australia.

So, what exactly is #FFaboutme? We believe that using your profile link on your social profiles will help people learn more about you. While you may want to snap and Instagram your sushi dinner last night, or tweet about the latest Orange is the New Black episode, these posts don’t cohesively give the web a visual representation of YOU. We ask our users to Tweet us weekly using #FFaboutme when they’ve added their profile to their Twitter bios. We round up the spiffiest profiles, and feature them every Friday. So, without further adieu, here are this week’s #FFaboutme picks!

Alastair GreerMeet Alastair Greer. This Irishman is a health and fitness expert based in New York.

Angel ChangMeet Angel Chang, she’s a former Pre-K teacher in low-income neighborhoods and a storytelling enthusiast. We’re rather impressed that she managed to snap this amazing photo without the presence of San Francisco fog!

Denise RatfieldMeet Denise Ratfield, she’s a craft beer and social media enthusiast based in #StayClassy San Diego, CA.

Gabriel Criado
Meet Gabriel Criado of Santiago, Chile! Short sleeves in the snow? We dig it.

Michelle Dimino
Meet Michelle Dimino, she’s a recent Harvard graduate and now a content fellow at The Atlantic in Washington DC.

Rob BurgerLast, but certainly not least, meet Rob Burger. He works in IT, loves the outdoors, and is based in South Africa.

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