Thirsty for Adventure, Vegan Food and Fashion: Students of the University of Georgia

For our regularly scheduled Students of the Week, here’s a hand-picked collection of awesomely passionate people from the University of Georgia. You may be able to catch these folks listening to the latest indie band at the 40 Watt Club, eating at Last Resort Grill, or cheering on the Dawgs at Sanford Stadium.

Lauren Roland Check out passionate vegan and exercise and sports science major, Lauren Roland.

Gabriel W. Cuomo We loved Gabriel W. Cuomo‘s page because of his profound bio and background picture representing his thirst for adventure.

Lexi Lindon And how about that YouTube channel of fashionista, Lexi Lindon.

Kyle Southerland Then there’s Kyle Southerland who hopes to someday be a plastic surgeon.

Anna Elizabeth Take a look at  Anna Elizabeth‘s page. Don’t forget to check out her style blog.

James CochranLast, but not least, meet James Cochran: sky diver, Boy Scout and teaching assistant.

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