Say Hello to Finnish Lapland

Alexander Kuznetsov wasn’t born in Finland, but he has lived most of his life there beginning at age 14 when his family moved to the 60,000 person town of Rovaniemi. While he lived in Helsinki for a couple of years he prefers the natural beauty and relaxed atmosphere of the place he calls home and the one he’s built his company around, Lapland.

His company, called Hello Lapland, helps local companies in Lapland create high-quality visual content for marketing. They produce beautiful pictures and videos (shown later in the post) which show off the beauty of the region. As a small company, Hello Lapland relies heavily on social media for the company’s marketing and thus has its own page to provide links to their many social media profiles. They also enjoy the platform because the large background photo gives them a way to directly show off their work.

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Aurora Borealis, Reindeer and Bread Cheese: Fun in Finland

There’s so much to see and explore in Finland that we can hardly fit it all in this post! Let’s start with a fun fact though, did you know that Santa Claus comes from Finland? Here he is in his home in Rovaniemi where you can visit him all year long.

Finnish Santa Proclaming Xmas season

Below are more amazing facts that Alexander Kuznetsov, of Hello Lapland, shared with us about his home country. He was also kind enough to send us the photo he took of Santa, his time lapse video of the Northern Lights and the picture of them in the header.

  • Finns enjoy everyman’s right, meaning they can roam freely in nature, even on private land. They even have the right to pick berries, mushrooms and fish as they wander. As a result they have the duty to protect nature and they take this task very seriously.
  • A great way to explore Finland is through its cuisine including: fresh whitefish from local lakes, mushroom soups and bread cheese, or leipäjuusto, for dessert.
  • There are more reindeer in Finnish Lapland than people.
  • Helsinki, with its wide range of cultural activities and events, is one of the most interesting places to live in Finland.
  • Finns are quite shy and often keep to themselves but are still very accommodating and warm people. Meet some of them below!

Sami InkinenSami Inkinen is on a boat right now. He’s rowing, unsupported, across the Pacific Ocean from San Francisco to Hawaii.

Jenni Laaksonen To see more of her amazing photography, check out Jenni Laaksonen‘s flickr feed.

Antti Poikola We love Antti Poikola‘s photo which shows off his passion for cycling!

Mervi Eskelinen Mervi Eskelinen is a craftswoman and cat lover who blogs about blogging. Very meta.

Petri Viitala
Petri Viitala is a musician, theater technician and avid mushroom hunter!
Katleena Kortesuo

A nonfiction writer and mother, Katleena Kortesuo loves rocking those dreadlocks.

Kristian LinnoinenKristian Linnoinen must be quite the swimming enthusiast as the COO of a swim school and CEO of an aquatic exercise company.

Kaisa HernbergPassionate about clean tech, Kaisa Hernberg is working to make the world a cleaner and greener place.

Antti VirolainenAntti Virolainen won a grant from the Chilean government to work on his startup there and is now back in Helsinki to continue developing ShareTribe

Thanks again for coming along for our world-traveling adventure, stay tuned for our next destination! If you have a suggestion of where we should visit next, please tell us about it in our comment section.

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