Say Hello to Finnish Lapland

Alexander Kuznetsov wasn’t born in Finland, but he has lived most of his life there beginning at age 14 when his family moved to the 60,000 person town of Rovaniemi. While he lived in Helsinki for a couple of years he prefers the natural beauty and relaxed atmosphere of the place he calls home and the one he’s built his company around, Lapland.

His company, called Hello Lapland, helps local companies in Lapland create high-quality visual content for marketing. They produce beautiful pictures and videos (shown later in the post) which show off the beauty of the region. As a small company, Hello Lapland relies heavily on social media for the company’s marketing and thus has its own page to provide links to their many social media profiles. They also enjoy the platform because the large background photo gives them a way to directly show off their work.

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The Bosphorus, the history and Webit in Istanbul

Last week, Mert Karaosmanoglu attended Webit and met co-founder, Tony Conrad, who spoke on identity at the tech conference.  Mert says he enjoyed the opportunity to meet and hear speakers from all over the world, especially the ones who focused on digital marketing. He and several other users from Istanbul were kind enough to share their thoughts and tips on the city for others who are considering visiting or attending Webit next year!

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The wonderful people of Serbia

Almost every Serbian you talk to or any article you read about Serbia will mention its beautiful and wonderfully kind people.  When we asked Nemanja Brkovic what his favorite thing about living in the country was he mentioned the people with their sense of humor, hospitality and opinion for anything you can think of. “You can ask an average Serbian citizen about anything and he will give you his opinion about it.”

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Spirited, Beautiful & Artsy: Barcelona

Each city has a different vibe which is difficult to characterize because of its sort of ethereal quality. Barcelona’s vibe is even harder to pinpoint because of its range of influences from language to culture to art, history, fashion and the weather, just to name a few. So here’s a small introduction to the city and its splendid people. 

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Delve into the Diversity: India

“India is home to more languages, religions and people than any other place in the world. There are more than 1500 languages used within 100 different cultures and 50 different ethnic groups. Not only that, it is geographically diverse as well. South India has a tropical climate, in contrast to the North where there is extreme cold. Western India is known for its desert while eastern Indian is home to mawsynram, the wettest place in the world. There is no one place which can call itself representative of all India. If you decide to visit, make sure you do your homework.”

Wise words from Omar Siddiqui who was kind enough to give us some great information and tips about traveling to this amazingly diverse country. Here are his tips on places to visit.

Places to Visit:

  1. The Taj Mahal. About 3 hours from Delhi the wondrous building is impressive not only in size but also the immaculate attention to detail that was paid to its architecture and decor. The building is actually a tomb made in remembrance and love for the emperor’s wife. There are many other historic sites and beautiful Mughal castles nearby as well and the city is very accessible and tourist friendly.
  2. Varanasi is another great place to visit. It is considered the holiest of all Hindu cities and provides access to the river Ganges where pilgrims and those on a spiritual journey can bathe themselves. It has hundreds of temples and is widely considered a must see.
  3. For something more exotic, consider a trip to Kerala which is located in the southern part of India. The back waters and tropical climate provide relaxing vacations in breath taking settings. In fact, our header photo is of Kerala and is by Tim Moffat.

India is full of energy and commotion. It’s the second most populous country in the world and there are many different types of people. Generally, Indians are very warm-hearted and gregarious people.  Get to know some below!

Omar Siddiqui was born in India, raised in Japan and went to school in the U.S. A traveler, it’s no wonder he created GrabHalo, an app to message anyone in the world.

NainaA visual storyteller, Naina‘s name means “eyes” in Hindi. Check out her page for a link to see some of her amazing wedding photography.

Don Micky Xavier A freelance graphic designer, Don Micky Xavier also loves to review movies and blog. Take a look at his 500px app for his photography.

Nisha JohnNisha John is an entrepreneur and blogger. She founded Of Indian Origin to showcase Indian art and design.

Sree NivasaA world traveler passionate about UX, Sree Nivasa stopped by our booth last week at UX Week and had this picture taken. Thanks for dropping by!

Parul TongariaParul Tongaria is an artist and blogger. Check out her Medium app to read about things like, the right way to do artistic work for free and why typography matters.

Shailesh TiwaryShailesh Tiwary is a desingineer, Sunday photographer, and weekday wanderer living in New Delhi

Mousumi BhattacharyaThough she lives and works remotely from Bangalore, Mousumi Bhattacharya forms an important part of the team as a backend developer.

Where should travel to next? Tell us in the comments section below or tweet at us @aboutdotme

Fjords, ocean and countrysides: Norway

“Norway taught me to appreciate the company of nature in the form of snow and mountains,” says Janicke H Eckbo who was born in Norway and has since lived around the world. The beautiful backdrops of her fellow Norwegians and the large number of photographers among them (including Eswaran Arulkumar in our header photo) made it easy to see the beauty of the country not just in snow and mountains but in fjords, ocean, and countrysides.

This fun music video by the band No.4 and Widerøe airlines, compiles photos and videos from Norwegians all over the country. Enjoy some great music and beautiful scenery while you learn more about the Kingdom of Norway through our favorite Norwegians below!

Anders Aa HagenA photographer, Anders Aa Hagen‘s compelling photo immediately drew us into his page to checkout his website with more of his amazing portfolio.

Bettina WolmersenBettina Wolmersen is a full time designer and hobby photographer who likes to capture all sorts of creatures and flowers.

Mats GulbrandsenMats Gulbrandsen is a music producer and DJ based in Oslo, Norway. Want to hear and see him at work? Check out his Check out his YouTube app.

Guro ToloArtist, shower singer and frequent laugher, Guro Tolo is not your typical high-schooler.

Morten PromOriginally from Denmark, Morten Prom is a software developer with a passion for photography.

Evgenia Egorova Fun fact Evgenia Egorova has kissed a wolf. She now inspires people to travel to northern Norway. Just seeing her Instagram feed, we’re inspired!

Eilif KilandEilif Kiland is a business consultant, passionate gamer, and blogger who writes on technology in both Norwegian and English.

Janicke H EckboA world traveler, Janicke H Eckbo was born in Norway, studied in Australia worked in the U.S. and now lives in the U.K.

Geir BækholtGeir Bækholt is a serial entrepreneur, open source enthusiast, inventor, foodie and has a super power desired by every frequent traveler. He can sleep on planes.

Which country should we visit next week? Let us know on Twitter or the comments below.

Clocks, Pilsen and Castles: Czech Republic

Say hello to professional Czech unicyclist, Adam Gerza in our header photo. His picture is initially what caught our eye and inspired us to do a post on his country, the Czech Republic. Then we found there were so many awesome people to feature, it was hard to choose just a few.

Before you check them out below, here are a few quick and fun facts about the country.

  • The Czechs invented the Pilsner beer, first produced in 1842 in the city of Pilsen
  • Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is home to the oldest working astronomical clock in the world. It was built in 1410 and it’s functioning today.
  • There are over 2,000 castles and castle ruins in the country, one of the highest densities in the world after France and Belgium.
  • Czech chemist Otto Wichterle, invented soft contact lenses in 1959.

Now, without further ado, check out our favorite Czech pages!

Tea ŠplíchalováWe love Tea Šplíchalová’s page for its creative setup and her awesome bio. She talks about her love of pictures, social media marketing and organic cafes.

mirek molin A self proclaimed internet freak, Mirek Molin uses his page to show off his skills as a graphic designer with his stunning picture and great layout.

Bára Buchtová A social media marketing fanatic, Bára Buchtová is also crazy adventurous. She spent 8 months in Canada just for a change of pace.

Michal Kutil Co-founder and CTO of his own startup, Michal Kutil is all about efficiency and helping companies have more efficient production

Ivana Chodurová Ivana Chodurová works in public relations and is passionate about marketing and creative advertising.

Pavel Tobias Vybiral Pavel Tobias Vybiral is a marketing samurai with various marketing awards to his name. He is also a photography and TED talk lover.

Tereza Pecáková Tereza Pecáková or Teresinha, is a translator and Harry Potter lover with an awesome blog that she links to from her page.

Martin BugnerNot simply an IT consultant, Martin Bugner is an experimentalist, husband, father and life lover.

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