Welcome Veronica Belmont to Our Board of Directors

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that Veronica Belmont has joined our Board of Directors, lending her expertise and leadership as we gear up for some exciting product updates. Veronica is an amazing talent, bringing sharp technological knowledge and experience as a pioneer in personal branding and social media.

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Adventures with Backpackers

“When I am in the office, I feel that I am existing unconsciously and that moments of my life are passing without my involvement. Backpacking, bagging a summit, climbing a crag- those are the total opposite. I chase that electrifying feeling of existing because I can’t let life pass me by.” 

These are the words of backpacker Katie Beringer whose passion for outdoor sports is effusive and doubtlessly felt by many other backpackers and adventurers who we’re featuring today.

We’re excited to highlight them because we’ve seen so many backpackers use about.me to tell their stories in unique and beautiful ways. Some link to their blogs, like Brian Green, who uses his to narrate his early love for the outdoors and give tips to fellow backpacking enthusiasts. Others, like Katie, use their pages to connect with other outdoor adventurers and kindred spirits. Still others use their background pictures to show off their passion for adventuring, like Henry O’Brien, whose photo is in our header.

So take a minute. Explore some of our favorite backpackers and their stories.

Brian Green Ever hear of the Prometheus Ocean Diver line of watches? Brian Green invented them.

Katie Beringer We admire Katie Beringer‘s passion for using sports and outdoor adventures to empower women.

Tomas F. Marentes This Colombia native, Tomas F. Marentes, has lived in 5 countries, including the U.S., where he is currently earning a degree in advertising.

Kara Harms We completely relate to Kara Harms and her passion for chocolate and find it awesome that she plays the ukelele.

Erik JohnsonErik Johnson‘s optimism shines through in his beautiful background picture.

Kristin AddisIn 2012, Kristen Addis quit her job as an investment banker to travel solo in Southeast Asia. Two years later, she’s still going stong.

David HineDavid Hine is a single malt drinking, wild camping, packrafting, outdoor enthusiast.

Sara AnttonenWe’re not quite sure why she’s in this bathtub, but we love that Sara Anttonen, of Finland, is simultaneously enjoying the great outdoors.

Apurv GujarA ComicCon attendee, Apurv Gujar is a mechanical engineer with a nomad’s soul.

Know any other groups of cool people using about.me? Leave us a note about it in the comment section so we can feature them!

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