Looking Back On How One Photographer Curates Stories

Steve Carter tells stories for a living, but not how you’d think.

After finding a new love for photography, Steve paired his social media skills to create his perfect career that keeps him in his beloved city of Rochester, New York, telling brands’ stories and building communities.

Missed Steve’s takeover of our Instagram? Check out all of his awesome shots below and don’t forget to check out his interview here.

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Why One Expert Photographer Values Empathy

Listen. Pause. Think.

Not necessarily the words of advice you’d expect from a father of two boys who balances his careers as a professional photographer and as an Interactive Director at Origin. But Rory Tucker is far from ordinary.

Rory opened up about his lifelong love of photography, belief in active listening and appreciation for playing outside.

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steve carter about.me

Guest Instagrammer: Building Communities + Telling Stories

Steve Carter has a knack for telling stories.

A social media strategist, Steve combines his love of photography with his devotion to creating communities to develop unique stories for brands. When he’s not working with companies to build their communities, Steve is an avid photographer who loves to travel.

Steve’s simplistic, yet stunning approach to photography inspires us, and we’re excited to feature him as our Guest Instagrammer of the week. Steve’s photos will have you brushing up on our mobile photography skills, and inspire you to chronicle your adventures.

Head over to our feed to see Steve’s snaps this week and read on to hear about Steve’s foray into the world of photography.

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about.me Instagram

How To Elevate Your Instagram

Instagram allows you to share your life in snapshots with friends and users around the world. You create your story with photos of a recent adventure, lunch with a friend, or a breathtaking view. But what if you want to move beyond the visual?

With about.me, you can tell your full story. By adding a link to your about.me page in your Instagram bio, you’re giving your followers insight on latest thoughts posted your blog, where you grew up, your passion for wind surfing, and more. Let about.me be the place where your followers can dive into more about who you are, what you love, and the little things that make you, you that might not make it to Instagram.

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Jessica Thompson about.me International Velvet Velvet Dust

Guest Instagrammer: Finding Inspiration in All Corners of the World

As an art director and creative producer, Jessica Thompson always seeks new sources of inspiration.

With a passion for art, Jessica uses her digital magazine, Velvet Dust, as an outlet to inspire others to discover new artists and designers. While she calls Austin home, Jessica has spent a good amount of time traveling and living abroad.

Due to her unique eye for style and fantastic Instagram feed, we’re excited to have her take over our Instagram account this week. Be prepared for stylish looks and dreamy snaps. Head over to our feed for more and don’t forget to check out our interview with Jessica to learn more about her path to a creative lifestyle.

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Shayda Nematollahi about.me

Looking Back On One Student’s Colorful Takeover

From crafting unique jewelry to exploring all that Miami has to offer, Shayda Nematollahi definitely keeps herself busy.

As a graduate student at Barry University, Shayda took some time out of her jam-packed schedule to fill us in on where she finds inspiration in her everyday life. Missed Shayda’s takeover on our Instagram feed? Check out all the snaps below and see our interview with her here.

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Shayda Nematollahi about.me

Guest Instagrammer: How One Graduate Student Lives A Colorful Life

Shayda Nematollahi is an artist in all aspects of her life.

From designing beautiful jewelry to crafting the perfect Instagram, Shayda never stops creating. Because of Shayda’s creative nature and colorful aesthetic, we’re excited to feature her as our guest Instagrammer of the week. She’ll be taking over our feed, sharing what a week in the life of Shayda looks like.

We interviewed this graduate student and future therapist to to learn more about creative inspiration, her story, and what’s next for the Atlanta native.

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Graham Michael Freeman about.me

Looking Back at a Travel Photographer’s Adventures

Graham Michael Freeman has the best job of them all: he gets to travel the world taking photos and share them with the world.

We sat down with Graham to discuss his photography and adventures and share his photos on our Instagram feed. Missed Graham’s takeover? Enjoy a dose of wanderlust from this travel photographer’s snaps and don’t forget to check out our interview with him here.

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about.me Graham Michael Freeman

Instagram Takeover: Adventures in Travel and Photography

Photography is not Graham Michael Freeman job. It’s his calling.

A self-proclaimed adventurer and visual storyteller, this 26-year-old uses his photos as a bridge connect with people from all walks of life. For the Tasmania-based photographer, “work” means traveling the world to take photos to promote tourism, all while sharing his adventures online.

After getting a big case of wanderlust from looking at his photos, we knew he was the next person for our Instagram takeover series. Just check out his feed, you’ll get the travel bug too.

We interviewed Graham to learn more about his love of photography and travel and how he created a career for himself which combines the two.

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Lindsey Garrett about.me modchick

Telling A Story Through Photos

As a lover of words and pictures, it’s no wonder photographer and writer Lindsey Garrett claims Instagram to be her “jam.”

With a quick look at her feed, it’s clear to see that she favors simplicity and color in her day to day life. After we double tapped on more than a few of her photos, we decided that this east coast native who now calls southern California home would be a perfect candidate to take over our Instagram for the week.

Before you get hypnotized by her Instagram feed, learn more about Lindsey’s love of photography.

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