A New Kind Of Superhero: How 3 Dads Pursue Their Passions

This week, we celebrate 3 dads in our community who are proud fathers and leaders in their communities. Rory, Matthew and Eugene all have more than one career. Each of them has a creative passion that they pursue with dedication, allowing them to become incredibly talented and notable photographers, musicians and thought leaders.

Rory Tucker (pictured above) is the father of two boys who balances work as a professional photographer and his role as the Interactive Director at Origin. He lives in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada and enjoys playing outdoors with kids. Read more →

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How Giving Up A Year’s Salary Changed This Dad’s Life

Eugene Cho walks the walk.

After witnessing the injustice of a $40 a year teacher’s salary in Myanmar, Eugene Cho vowed to give up his own salary for a year. Empowered by his experience, Eugene founded One Day’s Wages that encourages people to appreciate the value of one year of their own salaries in communities around the world.

In addition to founding One Day’s Wages, Eugene also is an entrepreneur, pastor, and father of three. In his free time, Eugene enjoys playing ball with his kids in his backyard and taking photos for his Instagram. Eugene recommends we fight our own ignorance by sharing a meal with someone we disagree with. Although Eugene’s advice may be unconventional, that’s exactly what makes it so powerful.

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