How One Chef Ignored The No’s + Found Her Passion

Jenny Dorsey has heard “no” more than once in her life.

But what’s so special about Jenny is that she’s ignored those no’s. After some time as a management consultant, Jenny dove head first into food and hasn’t looked back. Currently a chef and culinary consultant in New York City, Jenny is pursuing her dreams. She runs an underground restaurant with her husband and has even recently appeared on The Food Network.

We talked to Jenny about where and when her love of food started and got her three tips for any aspiring food entrepreneurs. Check out Jenny’s page and visit her website to discover more about her world of food.

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One Food Network Alum On Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

Russell Jackson is good at taking himself and others out of their comfort zone.

As the chef and founder of SubCulture Dining, Chef Jackson creates dining and social experiences in unconventional spaces. He has sourced a talented and dedicated community and relied on diners who don’t mind eating at basically unattainable standards.

While Chef Jackson is now a food media guru and former ‘The Next Food Network Star,’ he has been making a name for himself since his culinary debut at the age of three. Chef Jackson will even be featured in the upcoming digital series “Off the Menu” coming soon to

Read on to learn more about how and why he started SubCulture Dining and gain insight into his culinary technique.

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