Showing off Showyou

Showyou is an awesome video sharing and viewing service. They are the latest to develop an app using the SDK.

Showyou delivers the best way to discover videos selected by your friends on Facebook and people you follow on Twitter in an immersive two-dimensional grid on the iPad or iPhone. Follow video feeds from other users and channels, including the Daily Show, Colbert Report, TED, Reddit, Funny or Die, Bleacher Report, Pitchfork and more. Seamlessly share videos with your friends via your social networks or by email too.

Below you can see Showyou on my page showing the latest videos I’ve posted from Facebook and Twitter.

So, check out Showyou, watch some videos and add them to your page today!

(haven’t added services before?)

Take the perfect portait for your background

There’s a lot you can think about when taking the perfect portrait. Who will be taking the photo, what camera/lens will they be using, where will you be taking the photo, and what will you be doing? All of these questions are important and must be answered at some point, but in the end take a photo that makes you happy.

Here are some great examples to inspire/get you started with your creative process.

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TrustCloud on is happy to welcome TrustCloud onto the list of services that you can add to your page.

TrustCloud empowers you to claim your trustworthy online data. TrustCloud verifies your email, SMS, physical address, and social networks, then looks at your virtuous behavior on sites like TripAdvisor and eBay to build your portable Trust profile.

Simply sign up at , then add the TrustCloud service to your page. Below is what Xin Chung’s TrustCloud looks like on his page.

Want to see your app added to our available Services? Check out our SDK.

Why belongs in your e-mail signature

We recently ran a survey asking whether our users put their URL in their e-mail signatures.  We learned that 62% of you already have your URL in your signature. We’re glad that so many of you are finding this beneficial!

But for the 38% that haven’t made up your mind, here are the top 5 reasons people have added their URL to their email signature.

Top reasons for having your page in your email sig:

  1. “It’s cool”
  2. “It’s a heck of a lot better than giving ALL of my other links”
  3. “It’s simple”
  4. “It makes sense”
  5. “A short and simple way to express who I am”

Click on your email provider below to learn how to add/update your email signature.

How I became’s newest Intern

The funny thing about opportunity is that if you are vocal about the opportunity you want it seems to quickly find you. If you had asked anyone who knew me prior to running their contest, they would tell you that, I, Patrick Millegan was entrepreneurial and looking for a way to break in to the start-up scene in Silicon Valley. Because of this, my friend Charmaine Ng texted me hours after began their internship contest on April 4th – she said she thought this would be perfect for me, and she was right.

I got Charmaine’s text as I was walking from class at UofO to my job as a leasing consultant at an apartment complex in Eugene, Oregon. I briefly thought it would be cool if I could somehow get the team to vote for me. From what I had gleaned from my knowledge about start-ups is generally that their work environment is fun and relaxed enough, that they would probably be just working and hanging out in their office, and on a Friday afternoon – probably looking for a distraction. Why can’t that distraction be me? 😛

I kid you not, as I was looking up the address for the HQ – in walk 3 Yemeni students who I didn’t know very well, but lived at the apartment complex, to tell me that they were going to San Francisco for the weekend and wondered if I would like to come with them. Funny how things work out sometimes, right? Their names were Ammar, Rabie, and Sami and they became very good friends of mine. I heard about the contest on 4/4, and on 4/5 I was in a red 2009 Mercury Milan with 3 awesome Yemeni kids driving to SF. So the #PSmoovment began (from my twitter handle @PSmoovvv).

I gussied up my page, made a cover/profile photo for my Facebook and started blasting out the link as fast and frequently as Oregon’s Offense scores touchdowns (S/O my alma mater: GO DUCKS!).

For the duration of the contest, my page, in all of its glory, looked like this:

You can see all of the YouTube videos I made from my trip by searching “#Psmoovment” on youtube, or by clicking here.

I live-tweeted/YouTubed my trip in an effort to catch the eye of @aboutdotme, so that I could maybe secure an audience while I was driving down, but thought it would be more fun to show up unannounced and meet them for the first time as the kid who just kind of showed up at their doorstep. I ended up meeting 8 members of the team, which turned into 8 votes 🙂 (9 if you include Nicole, the front desk receptionist at AOL- Palo Alto).

They were incredibly nice, as nice as they could be to some guy that walked into their office. The AOL Palo Alto office was incredible and I could quickly tell that this was environment I wanted to be in. I hung out with the team for about an hour and then proudly exited the office.

As I drove back to Eugene from SF I knew I wasn’t going to have the time to really put into the campaign. I had 2 jobs and took 18 credits. So, when I got back I scheduled out my campaign. I wrote a press-release about my roadtrip that I was going to ship out to every relevant news sources I could find. I scheduled reminders to vote on my twitter through twuffer, and I decided that I would screen shot my vote total every morning and post to facebook. In addition, I set up a mailchimp newsletter that allowed people to sign up for daily reminders.

My launch was complete, my campaign was in place, and now it was in the hands of the many to respond to my call for more votes. The only follow-up I did was holding some videos of a-12-year-old-me-singing-some-of-your-favorite-disney-tunes hostage until I got a certain amount of votes.

In the end I ended up getting the call to come to San Francisco to intern with the amazing people at about.Me. I am honored and excited to be spending the Summer as their intern in SF, and can’t help but feel super SUPER blessed/lucky/fortunate to be given this opportunity.


Now all I have to do is make the most of it and kill it at this internship.

Your page = an awesome free business card

One of the sweet features of is the ability to turn your page into a kick-ass business card for free.

To claim this offer, which is made possible via our friends at MOO, go to your Dashboard and click ‘Offers.’ It’s a pretty easy process from there on out. We’ll ask you to let us access MOO so your business cards will resemble your page.

After a few clicks your browser will look a little something like this…

You can add more images, edit your current image, and basically do whatever you want with it – go crazy. 🙂 Click “flip cards over” to edit your contact info.

Once you feel like your cards are worthy of attaching your name to it, go ahead and click ‘next step’ and follow the rest of the prompted instructions. You’ll be asked what type of cards you want and some shipping information.

Pretty soon you’ll be the proud new owner of 50 dynamic business cards that make you like the biggest boss that anyone has seen thus far.

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