Start cooking with Key Ingredient

Just in time for Thanksgiving, we are so thrilled to be adding Key Ingredient to our App Center. Key Ingredient makes you want to cook at home. If you already cook it home, it will further develop your interest in the culinary arts – trust me (after all, I do have a TrustCloud score of 761).


Collect and share any recipe online, get recipes on your mobile devices, and take them all right into the kitchen. Browse millions of beautiful photos and recipe’s and search for any and all of your favorite dishes. Make a Profile and start “CookMarking” your way to your own personalized cookbook of awesomeness.

With this integration you can display the latest recipes in your collection. Show your friends what you’re cooking and what dishes are important to you right now. Sign up for Key Ingredient and download their free app in the iTunes store. Then, add Key Ingredient to your page to showcase your beautiful recipe collection today!

On the web, on the go, and in the kitchen –– Key Ingredient is your recipe collection, everywhere.

Your bio is well-written!

There are so many awesome pages to compliment. This post is focusing on the scribes of that have crafted some excellent biographies.

These wordsmiths have earned compliments from the team with their bios. Click through the images to read more from our highlighted pages below.

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Great Background!

After we released compliments I created an page for the team. We use the page to recognize the awesome pages that we kept coming across.

We thought we’d start a series showcasing some of the great pages that we’ve complimented. To kick us off we’re featuring six pages that totally have great backgrounds. Enjoy!

Let us know what pages you’ve complimented in the comments below!

Ten fast weeks

It’s been ten weeks since I graduated from the University of Oregon and 9 weeks since I started my internship at I can easily say that this has been the fastest 10 weeks of my life.

What’s happened in the last 10 weeks:

I live in San Francisco now?

I went to Ikea for the first time in my life and successfully built all my own furniture.

Met the team.

Worked with the team.

Analyzed user survey responses and stats.

Went to my first Giants game with the team.

Started Code Academy-ing like a mad man.

Got parking tickets.

Talked start-ups and life with Ryan Freitas.

Spent Fourth of July at a BBQ with the internet (i.e. people who work for all the apps we use and love (Instagram, Path, Twitter… it was crazy)

Got more parking tickets.

Blogged here a ton.

E-Mailed Olympians and delivered a marketing campaign around them.

Met up with Tony Conrad.

Met the creator of Gumroad.

Worked on assets displayed on

Went to a happy hour at LaunchRock and got told to go to Start-up Weekend.

Pitched Start-Up Weekend, recruited a team and got third place.

Visited local career centers and explained to them.

Volunteered at the Facebook CrunchUp.

Supported users, shared their pages via Facebook, Tumblr and Pinterest.

Got rid of my car.

Bistri.Me anytime

Since we’ve opened up our API/SDK we’ve been getting all sorts of awesome services building on the platform. The newest app you can add on is bistri and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

Bistri provides everyone with their own link, like an online phone number, so whenever anyone wants to call you they just click the link and you’re connected. Bistri connects to tons of social media and IM services, so all your contacts are instantly available. It’s completely frictionless video chat and I’ve enjoyed my experience with it.

The bistri app on is easy to add and easy to use. When adding the app you will be prompted for your username and voila! You’re page will be connected and ready to accept calls.

You can get on bistri by clicking here!

Fashionistas on

We’re always amazed by how many different groups use As NY Fashion Week winds down, we’re featuring six awesome fashion bloggers and stylists.

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Easy and creative photo editing

Your background image is a representation of who you are and should be reserved for photos that make you look awesome. This blog post is for those of us who want to edit photos without spending money or dealing with any complex photo editing suites. I went in search of some solutions to make my photos look awesome and creative with doing as minimum amount of work as possible. 😛

MakeRetro is super easy to use. It lets you upload any image and add a filter to it. Think Instagram for the web and you have MakeRetro.

Pixlr is a little more advanced. Pixlr has the Retro vintage effects like MakeRetro, but also lets you use a browser-based photo editor where you can do just about anything to any of your photos.

JpgFUN is exactly what the title promises. The website has many pre-set images that you can plug any image into. Above you can see that I added my photo to a Ugly Betty image.  I had a lot of fun with this one, check out the medallion fifty has on below (all I had to do is click one button and people probably think I’m creative and awesome now). 🙂


54 Hours of Awesome

While in SF for my internship I attended a happy hour at LaunchRock HQ where I was told I should check out Startup Weekend. Thank goodness they told me, because Startup Weekend is basically the coolest thing ever.

For those of you like me who have no idea what a Startup Weeked is brace yourself cause I’m about to deliver you four sentences of awesome:

Startup Weekend invites coders/designers/marketers to come together for a weekend with the goal of starting up a product in a 54 hour time period. Anyone is welcome to pitch their startup idea and receive feedback from their peers. Teams organically form around the top ideas (as determined by popular vote) and then it’s a 54 hour frenzy of business model creation, coding, designing, and market validation. The weekends culminate with presentations in front of local entrepreneurial leaders for an opportunity for critical feedback.

I wore some of my swag on the second day of the event and kept getting mad props for our product. It’s been great working with a product that a lot of people use and love and awesome to meet users in person.

Basically, if you have an idea for the next big thing but don’t know how to make it happen – this is where you can make it happen in one weekend! I pitched, got a team, and took third place with these awesome people!

The Kingdom of Spain

Our World Tour through pages brought us to Spain, where I have been blow away by the incredible photos! It was easy to see why Spain is considered one the most beautiful places in the world. The pages we found feature a lawyer, writer, educator, pastor and photographer.

Beautiful architecture- why can’t all buildings be this ornate?

Three suggested email signatures

You’ve already put your URL on all your other social properties, but is it in your email signature?  Much like how your own signature at the end of a letter sets you apart, your email signature does the same.

What to use?

Here are 3 suggested email signatures:

Your Name
Job Title, Company
Your Name (Hyperlinked to your page)
Job Title, Company
Your Name

How to?

We provide tutorials on how to add to your email signature for the most popular email clients:

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