We’re Hiring! Community Manager

As the about.me Community Manager, you’ll be working full-time from our San Francisco office at the helm of a vibrant community of people across the world who love to use social media to show off who they are and discover and connect with others on about.me. We’re looking for a community manager who is extremely self driven, and wants to build a career in social media or marketing but is not afraid to step into the community via customer support.

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Turn Up The Volume

When I worked as a local television news reporter in New York City, I walked into my news director’s office one day. He was in the midst of watching video reels of reporters who had sent them in from across the country with the hopes of getting a job at the station.

The problem, as I saw it, was that my news director wasn’t really watching the reporter’s reels. He would insert a DVD, press play, watch for a few seconds, and then eject the DVD. To confound matters further, the volume was muted on the television. He couldn’t hear one word that the reporters were saying. I was confused. 

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Choosing the right color palette for your page

Whether you’re creating or updating your about.me page, selecting the colors for your page can be a daunting task. Choosing the right color palette directly impacts how effectively you communicate the information on your page. But it doesn’t have to be so daunting. Here are some answers to your questions about choosing colors for your page.

How many colors should I choose?

While this is a hugely debated question, a good number of designers recommend using three main colors on a website. The platform currently enables you to choose a color for your Name, Headline, Bio Text, Links, Page Background, and Bio Background. We recommend choosing one color for your Bio Background and a second color, which contrasts with your Bio Background, for your Name, Bio Text. Finally, we suggest selecting a third color (which also contrasts with your Bio Background) for your Headline and Links. This will make them stand out.
about.me edit panel color picker

How do I find colors that go well together?

There are several different color rules you can follow when trying to find complimentary colors. Some of the easiest tools we’ve found are sites like Adobe Kuler that help you choose complimentary colors when you start by picking one color on the color wheel.  adobe kuler 1

Are there tools on about.me to help me choose the right colors?

Yes! Our Color tab in the Edit Page panel can definitely help you pick the right color. Simply click one of the color boxes and our helpful color selector will pop up. The color selector has several suggestions based on the colors in your background image. You can also use the circular color picker button (right next to the color number) and you’ll be able to hover directly over a part of your background image to select that specific color.

about.me edit panel color picker 2

How do I evoke a certain emotion with the colors I choose?

Color psychology is another thing to consider when choosing the colors for your page. Here’s a list of colors and their most common meanings:

Red: energy, passion, power
Blue: coolness, freedom, loyalty, patience
Yellow: light, optimism, happiness, joy
Green: life, health, wealth, prosperity
Orange: friendliness, warmth, courage
Purple: peace, wisdom, royalty, sophistication
White: freshness, cleanliness, youth
Black: power, elegance, mystery
Pink: romance, playfulness
Brown: comfort, strength, stability

Do you have some examples?

Of course! If you’re looking for examples of pages with great color palettes, check out our team’s collection of Pages with Amazing Color Schemes.

Featured Friday: A Marketer, Mommy Blogger, Journalist, & Philanthropist

It’s that time again: Featured Friday #FFaboutme! As always, add your about.me profile link to your Twitter bio for a chance to be featured on our blog. Putting your about.me profile in your Twitter bio gives people an opportunity to get to know you beyond your Twitter page. jpeg-4Danny DeReuter definitely wins points from us for all the apps he has on his page and for such a great bio. Short and sweet.

jpegWatch out for this up and coming TV personality, Joshua Conner, who is the youngest Chicago SJNN Reporting Fellowship participant for Northwestern’s Journalism School.

jpeg-3As a marketer, Jim Beretta travels often and is never far from his camera. Check out his flickr feed for an adorable picture of a seal and other great shots.

jpeg-2Check out Heather James‘s bio and you won’t be able to not jump into reading her mummy blog, Inspiring Mums.

jpeg-1It’s hard to say just a few words about Jennifer Breakspear and all the awesome work she’s doing to make a difference in Canada and the world at large. So just check out her page.

How To: Take a background photo with your smartphone

Not everyone has access to a camera or a photographer, but one in five people around the world now have a smartphone (crazy, right?!). While some of the most beautiful about.me pages have high resolution photos, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to visually tell your story with just a smartphone. Here are steps to taking a great shot with your phone to use as your about.me background.

(1) Consider composition. Turn your phone horizontally, and take a photo with you on either the far left or far right. If you’d like to get technical, follow the “rule of thirds.” Composing shots this way is a standard practice of many professional photographers and also a good way to leave space for your biography section on about.me. You don’t want anything to block that beautiful body or face of yours, do you?

about.me smartphone how-to background photo 3

(2) Choose your landscape wisely. Try to find a unique spot to take your photo. Red brick, graffiti, white walls, city skylines, and beaches are examples of ideal places to take a photo. This photo was taken in front of a house, so don’t worry if you can’t hop on the highest rooftop in your city.

about.me smartphone how-to background photo 2

(3) Use photo filters. Take advantage of smartphone apps like VSCO, and play with different filters to add some artistic spice.

about.me smartphone how-to background photo 4

BONUS: Above all else, be yourself and don’t be afraid to show your personality!

Featured Friday: An Actor, Epidemiologist, Developer, and Social Media Marketer

It’s back! Every Friday at about.me we feature some of our fantastic users who have interacted with us on Twitter throughout the week using the hashtag, #FFaboutme. To be considered, we ask our followers to include their about.me page links in their Twitter bios.

What are the benefits of adding your about.me page to your Twitter bio? Your about.me page serves as a comprehensive way to tell your story on the web. Not only does it allow you to write a compelling biography about yourself, you can consider it a hub for all your other social platforms, blogs, playlists, and more. Here are some awesome people who have made excellent use of their pages:

We loved Ahmad Dohjoka’s page because his bio describes him both personally and professionally in such a friendly manner.

jpeg-3Next up, we have Tim King: bearded adventurer, part-time writer, and cider drinker. Cheers, mate!

Be sure to take a peek at musical theater performer, Bailey Sonner’s page. She’s starred in Grease, CATS, and Spring Awakening.

jpeg-2Check out epidemiologist, Osama Berrada born in Montreal, and raised in Ottawa. We wonder if he’s a Senators or Canadien fan…

Page Tips: The Creative Lens

Creative types view life as a journey of self-expression. Thus, creative professionals can find it hard to identify with platforms that don’t give their users the opportunity to express themselves visually. Creatives observe everything. Naturally, this is reflected in their professional careers: they pay excruciating attention to detail, ask big questions, and aren’t afraid to take risks. The about.me platform enables creative types to showcase their work without losing touch with their personality.

Brett Henley‘s page is a great example of how creatives can tell their story on our platform, and foster engagement amongst users. Since the last time we checked, it seems like Brett has updated his page a little bit and we can learn from both versions. In this post we’re going to dissect his page so that you too can create a compelling page, whether or not you consider yourself a creative type.


Background Photo
Brett clearly understands the rules of photo composition. When you’re selecting your background photo, try to keep these things in mind:

  • Keep it simple. This is your page, so naturally, you should be in the photo, but try to keep it simple, while still expressing some of your personal style. Imagine a camera crew following you around one day; what is the best image they can capture of you that visually tells your story?
  • Avoid the middle. This allows you to have space for your biography section, without cluttering your page.

Headline + Biography
Remember, you are more than your job title.  Be creative in the way you write about yourself. Oftentimes when asked what we do in our careers we say, “Director of…but really I do X, Y, and Z.” Use this space as an arena to explain that X, Y, and Z, but don’t forget to tell your story not just professionally, but personally, too. On Brett’s page, instead of just writing “Co-Founder and Writer,” he showed his personality by using phrases like “Chief Smasher of B.S.” and “Instigate where needed.”

Whether you’re making a new about.me page, or updating your existing one, take a step back and view it as an empty canvas waiting for your creative expression. As always, if you need help or just want some feedback on your page, feel free to send us a tweet or visit our support page. Don’t forget to visit Brett‘s live page and send him a compliment!

Featured Friday: 7/11/2014

TGIF, folks. This week we’ve featured some pretty great stories on our blog. If you haven’t checked it out already, take a look at our Students of the Week from USC and our visit down under on our World Tour: Australia.

So, what exactly is #FFaboutme? We believe that using your about.me profile link on your social profiles will help people learn more about you. While you may want to snap and Instagram your sushi dinner last night, or tweet about the latest Orange is the New Black episode, these posts don’t cohesively give the web a visual representation of YOU. We ask our users to Tweet us weekly using #FFaboutme when they’ve added their about.me profile to their Twitter bios. We round up the spiffiest profiles, and feature them every Friday. So, without further adieu, here are this week’s #FFaboutme picks!

Alastair GreerMeet Alastair Greer. This Irishman is a health and fitness expert based in New York.

Angel ChangMeet Angel Chang, she’s a former Pre-K teacher in low-income neighborhoods and a storytelling enthusiast. We’re rather impressed that she managed to snap this amazing photo without the presence of San Francisco fog!

Denise RatfieldMeet Denise Ratfield, she’s a craft beer and social media enthusiast based in #StayClassy San Diego, CA.

Gabriel Criado
Meet Gabriel Criado of Santiago, Chile! Short sleeves in the snow? We dig it.

Michelle Dimino
Meet Michelle Dimino, she’s a recent Harvard graduate and now a content fellow at The Atlantic in Washington DC.

Rob BurgerLast, but certainly not least, meet Rob Burger. He works in IT, loves the outdoors, and is based in South Africa.

Featured Friday: 7/4/2014

Happy Friday, and Fourth of July to our US folks! Do you have your about.me link in your Twitter bio? What about on your Instagram or Pinterest? Using your about.me link on your social profiles helps people learn about YOU, not just browse about your tweets, photos, or pins.


You Are More Than Your Tweets.

The pages featured in this post are all included in the individual’s Twitter bio. With great images & informative bios these pages help new Twitter followers learn more about the person. We’re all more than our tweets, your page can fill in the personality missing from your social profiles. Take a look at these featured pages, click on each image to see their full page, and remember to leave a compliment when you do!






If your about.me link is in the appropriate section of you Twitter bio, tweet the hashtag #FFaboutme for a chance to be selected next week. P.S. A clear, high-resolution image helps too.

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