Students of the Week: Sunny, smart and kind in UCLA

Impressive as they are in academics, these students from UCLA enjoy and practice the arts in their lives, and through it all, they make an impact in other people’s lives. Whether producing a great user experience with technology or laughter, or entertaining and teaching hip hop dance, this group does it from the heart and makes a difference.


Harrison is passionate about creating great user experiences. When he’s not studying up on linguistics and computer science, he’s managing the digital edition of UCLA’s campus newspaper, Daily Bruin.


UCLA dental student Elaine takes pride in her artistic pursuits and enjoys singing, storytelling and painting. Oh, and food.

Dayanara RamirezThis communications and political science student wants to make an impact. Having a bad day? Dayanara loves to make people laugh. 🙂


Meet another impressive dental student at UCLA. Eric has conducted HIV research through programs at Harvard and Oxford. This Renaissance Man is also a classic violinist who has taught hip hop dance to kids in Taiwan.

Things to do at UCLA

1. Fowler Museum — A fantastic museum right here on campus and admission is free! The Fowler has more than 150,000 art and ethnographic pieces and 600,000 archaeological objects.

2. Planetarium Show and Telescope Viewing — Did you even know there was a planetarium on campus? Don’t expect a Pink Floyd laser light show, but do expect informative talks on topics such as “Galaxies” and “Life in the Universe.”  On clear nights, you will have the opportunity to look through the telescope.

3. Mildred E. Mathias Botanical Garden — This 7 acre garden includes plant specimens from all over the world.  Admission is free and tours can be arranged for groups of eight or more.  Another great way to spend your lunch time.

4. Hollywood Forever Cemetery — Learn about Hollywood’s past and present and see the graves of stars such as Rudolph Valentino, John Huston, Peter Lorre, Jayne Mansfield, Johnny Ramone, Cecil B. DeMile, “Alfalfa” from the Little Rascals and many more.

5. Fox Westwood Theatre — Bruins have been going to the Fox Theatre since it opened in 1931. Try and catch a red carpet premiere.

Students of the Week: Cool Cats at Cal (UC Berkeley)

Peruse through student profiles from the University of California, Berkeley, and you will find a diverse group exemplifying dichotomies in life. From the computer science studying beauty queen to the socially responsible risk taker, it’s interesting to see how each of these young people take advantage of everything the world and their school has to offer.

caroline.wallis24_1397023819_15Most of Caroline’s disposable income goes to green tea lattes, fixing her vintage Schwinn, and used books. She’s a rising third year at UC Berkeley and a double major in design innovation and legal studies.

michelle.angeli_1315956678_45Michelle is an art history and anthropology double major who’s interested in photography, traveling, science fiction, history, and stencil graffiti art.

jasmine_lee_1357509687_17Jasmine is a performing artist turned computer science nerd from San Francisco. She spent her summer interning at a start up called Neon Labs while also participating as a fellow at True Ventures. Both brains and beauty, Jasmine participates in pageants when she can.

rishiahuja_1362983155_14Rishi is a Cal superstar triple majoring in political science, economics, and public policy. He’s optimistic about life and loves to read, think, eat, play basketball, and watch John Stuart.

5 Things to do in or around UC Berkeley

  1. Berkeley Repertory Theatre
  2. Indian Rock Park:  One of Berkeley’s rock parks in the Northbrae area, it provides great views and challenges for early-level rock climbing.
  3. Berkeley Marina
  4. UC Botanical Garden
  5. Lawrence Hall of Science


Students of the Week: Worldly at NYU

The campus is the City, and the City is their world. Meet the students of New York University. This week’s #SOTW have a myriad of interests and experiences from technology to saving the world to art and media. It’s just what you would expect from the ever moving Big Apple.

amy.lu_1389293762_05Amy Lu is a Vancouverite living in New York City with a passion for all things digital, marketing, and world affairs. She’s challenging herself by taking an intensive computer science bootcamp course at CodeCore Academy while interning at the marketing division of Change Heroes.

meredithgrace_1291926608_89This English and American Literature student gets riled up about politics even though her main news source is The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, and things her friends tweet about. Besides being a professional student, Meredith Grace volunteers with an anti-human trafficking organization called Not For Sale.

marcus.jones_1400533644_75Marcus Jones world revolves around helping people take their lives or their business to the next level. Media, entertainment, tech, education, and fashion are all areas of his expertise and Marcus spends his free time at any concert, conference, or screening he can find.

Dominique RobertsDisparate interests come together to define Dominique Roberts, who is currently writing her honors history thesis on the Astor Place Riots of 1849 while completing a BFA in Drama. Interestingly enough, this NYU student is a transplant from the Second City.

5 things to do in or around NYU

  1. Check out a book or do research at the Jefferson Market Library Branch. The building, previously a courthouse and a woman’s prison, enjoys a notorious past, one that includes the murder trial of architect Stanford White. Mae West was held here on obscenity charges.
  1. Visit Grey Art Gallery at NYU. Located in the university’s main building and on the site of the original nineteenth century NYU structure, the university’s fine arts museum blends scholarship with innovative exhibitions.
  1. Take your own Dylan tour. Start with Jones Street, the small street depicted on the cover of Dylan’s second studio album, The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan.
  1. Reserve a seat at a jazz performance in the richly sonorous triangular basement room of the Village Vanguard or at the famous Blue Note. Make a whole weekend out of it.
  1. See a performance at Le Poisson Rouge. In the space of the old Village Gate on Bleecker, this multi-media arts and cabaret venue hosts many innovative and experimental performances. Contemporary arts help reinvigorate the Village as well as preventing it from wallowing in its own nostalgia.

Students of the Week: Southern Adventurers at Texas Tech University

Hailing from Texas Tech University, these worldly students are highly ambitious and hope to change the world through their service. Located in Lubbock, Texas Tech is a research university home to students pursuing all levels of academic study.

Kelsey Sheridan

Kelsey Sheridan is a young lady always on the move. Having studied abroad in Germany at the European School of Business, she returned to Texas Tech to serve as a study abroad peer advisor while managing an 18 hour course load, an internship, and a part-time job. While she calls herself an adventurer she’s also not afraid to take time to relax and read a book.


Matt Reecer is a published novelist who also likes to dabble in photography, graphic design, and photo editing. His debut novel, The Shower Preacher, relates to his passion in serving others. Matt is seeking a career in ministry upon graduation and currently works with fourth and fifth graders at a preteen ministry.

jakehavins_1399427037_89Jake Havin is another student who has studied abroad. Last year, he studied at the International College of Management Sydney in Manly, Australia. A team player who believes in hardwork, Jake is already a colony founder for Lambda Chi Alpha and plans on attending law school after graduation.

augustaneal_1367975089_57Augusta Neal is as busy as a bee in a honey factory. Currently she’s the editor-in-chief of The Odyssey a campus newspaper, a campus representative for Donni Charm scarves and accessories, a stylist at Chrome, an intern at Griffinwink advertising agency and a blogger for Study Breaks. Augusta hopes to use her experiences to land her dream job:  a social media manager for a fashion brand.

5 Things to do at Texas Tech

  1. Silent Gliders Museum: Don’t miss The Silent Wings Museum. It tells the story of the American military glider program from WWII.
  2. Buddy Holly Statue and West Texas Hall of Fame: Make sure to check out the 8 ½ ft. bronze statue of rock ‘n roll legend Buddy Holly. He’s seen playing his guitar, circled by a Walk of Fame honoring other West Texas musicians, like Waylon Jennings and Mac Davis.
  3. Joyland Amusement Park: Featuring a Wild River and the Galaxi Ride, one simply cannot visit Texas Tech and not plan a stop at the Joyland Amusement Park.
  4. Purple Bull: Part of the public art scene in Lubbock, the “Purple Bull” was created by Stephen F. Austin professor, Jeffie Brewer. The sculpture is based off of the poem, “Purple Cow”. This beautiful piece of art is a great photo op!
  5. The Steel House in Ransom Canyon: This strange structure stands out amongst the brick houses in its background. The steel house was originally built as a smaller art piece, but the artist had a bigger plan for it. The interior is an artistic dream. A curvy staircase and floor to ceiling windows. The house was recently featured in Vogue magazine as a futuristic backdrop.

Students of the Week: Real Life Learning at Boston University

These innovative students are working at the intersection of their academic pursuits and their personal passions. Boston University serves as a catalyst for their work. With two campuses in the heart of Boston and programs all around the world, Boston University is a leading private research institution. 

cjwoodall_1307375866_58Christopher Woodall is an inventor and a music aficionado. He co-founded and lives in the intersection of music and electronics. He’s a big fan of guitar effects pedals and electronic instruments.

yungie_1391012253_95This Fulbright Scholar has translated eight novels in the Thai language. Payongsak Kaenchan is interested in bringing the computer into the classroom and is passionate about teaching materials development and instructional design.

ikofman_1389597148_3A product manager by day, student by night, and a mom always:  Irina Kofman is constantly on the move. A lover of technology, Irina likes toying around with the latest gadgets. She also loves to play tennis in her free time.

ngriggsdrane_1348636632_5An explorer by nature, Nicholas Griggs-Drane seeks to expose himself to as many different organizations and activities as possible. He’s pursuing a career in film/television and participates in a weekly talk show called “Class and Sass” where topics range from pop culture to current events.

Things to do at or near Boston University

  1. Museum of Fine Arts:  Boston’s oldest, largest and best-known art institution, the MFA houses one of the world’s most comprehensive art collections and is renowned for its Impressionist paintings, Asian and Egyptian collections and early American art.
  2. The North End:  This Italian neighborhood, Boston’s oldest, is known for its wonderful restaurants and historic sights.
  3. USS Constitution:  The oldest commissioned ship in the U.S. Navy and undefeated in battle, Old Ironsides earned its famous nickname with its legendary ability to repel any shot fired. Active-duty sailors guide visitors around the ship.
  4. Harpoon Brewery:  If you’ve enjoyed the Harpoon Ale products you will want to tour the brewery or join the fun at one of Harpoon’s annual beer festivals.
  5. John F. Kennedy Presidential Museum and Library:  Relive the Kennedy era in this dynamic combination museum and library, where your visit starts with a short film and then leaves you on your own to explore a series of fascinating exhibits, including the Kennedy-Nixon debate, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the space program, 1960s campaign paraphernalia and displays about Jacqueline and other Kennedy family members. The striking, I.M. Pei-designed building overlooks the water and the Boston skyline.

Students of the Week: Academics and compassion at the University of Washington

The picturesque University of Washington is like a scene from out of a book! These Huskies get to spend their time exploring the beautiful campus while having the fun and excitement of Seattle at their fingertips. 

Things to do at the University of Washington

  1. Practice your yoga or catch the UW crew team working out from the shady green lawns and walking path behind the Center of Human Development and Disability.
  2. Visit the contemporary Native American art collection in the M.S. Gallagher Law Library.
  3. Go climb a rock! Find the UW outdoor climbing rock by the Waterfront Activities Center.
  4. Watch an acclaimed musician working with masters-level music students. Free and open to the public!
  5. Explore stargazing with an expert from the astronomy department, using telescopes at the Jacobsen Observatory or new UW Planetarium.

Sarah HubbardIt’s as hard as rocket science? Well, Sarah Hubbard would know. She’s a computer science major and former NASA Space Researcher. In her free time, Sarah passionately encourages students and women alike to embrace their love of technology and entrepreneurship.

Smita RavaleBusiness savvy and a great chef, Smita Ravale is currently pursuing her Masters in Information Management. She went to school in Mumbai and previously worked at Accenture.

Samantha ZwickerSamantha Zwicker is currently in grad school hoping to further examine the anthropogenic and environmental impacts on ecosystem diversity, structure, and function.

Nicole Castle-BauerThat’s all well and good in practice… but how does it work in theory? Nicola Castle-Bauer can answer that for you! A senior at the University of Washington, this academic’s research on the effects of genocide has led her to help reduce violence against minority groups.

Tyler BjorkAthletic and compassionate, Tyler Bjork, brings together his talents outside of the classroom. He is an Urban Studies major and a coach to students who compete in the Special Olympics.

University of Chicago Students: A bevy of social entrepreneurs and idea makers

Is that Hogwarts? No, it’s the University of Chicago: this week’s location for our Students of the Week post.

Their mascot is the Phoenix, and you’ll find these impressive overachievers spending a lot of time studying amidst Gothic-style architecture and discussing Hegel at Harper Library. In their free time, they’re eating at the Med or hanging out at the Point.

Klevin LoKlevin Lo, is still a Lakers fan but he loves exploring the city he now calls home, Chicago.

Kristen GindlerYou’ll find Kristen Gindler working at the intersection of public policy and research. Social media management and non-profit development are Kristen’s forte!

Dennis ZhaoDennis Zhao is an idea machine who likes to geek out on value investing, hip-hop dance, and design.

sunena-540x360And finally, meet our TEC intern for this summer, Sunena, who is a social entrepreneur, motorcyclist, and jewelry maker.

5 interesting things that students do in or around the University of Chicago:

  1. Get (to) the Point?! It’s a man-made peninsula.
  2. Bike up LSD…no it’s not a drug. But an awesome street bordering Lake Michigan.
  3. Food at Pilsen! The only place for authentic Mexican food…yummy.
  4. Shopping at Watertower
  5. Go to Jazz Clubs!

Happenings at BuildUP and Silicon Students

This week, our very own Tony Conrad, will be speaking at two events for entrepreneurs in San Francisco:

Check out a couple of the organizers behind these events and give them a round of applause for spreading the entrepreneurial spirit and wisdom!

Christian Danielle Anderson

Christian Danielle Anderson is a former investment banker. This incredible woman thrived in high-pressure environments and quickly rose through the ranks. Yet, something inside of her told her there’s more out there. Motivated by her now co-founder, Wayne Sutton, she embarked on an entrepreneurial venture that would change her life forever. Read more about BuildUP VC.

Edouard Foussier

Edouard Foussier is a gatherer of entrepreneurial individuals. Together with fellow French entrepreneur, Pierre-Simon Ntiruhungwa, Edouard runs Silicon Students, “the academy of entrepreneurship for young talents from all over the world.”

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