Introducing about.me for Slack

At about.me, we’ve always been passionate about helping you create meaningful connections with other people from all over the world. Today, we’re excited to introduce the about.me Slack app.

For many Slack teams and communities, learning about your fellow team members can be difficult. We surveyed over 200 people who use Slack for small teams, communities, and more. We found that over 70% of teams don’t have an introduction channel, making it difficult to get to know other people in your Slack team.

Our Slack integration will help you seamlessly introduce yourself, learn about your team members, and create valuable connections within your Slack team or community.

Utilizing Slack’s messaging, you can now share or view the about.me page of anyone in a Slack team, and create a visual team directory to help your team or community build stronger relationships.


Curious as to how our Slack app can be used? Meet Jennifer.


Like over 40% of workers in the United States, Jennifer works remotely running her small business. To meet other talented people around the world during her travels, Jennifer is part of a design community on Slack. There, she swaps resources, talks about best practices with clients, and build relationships with like-minded individuals. It’s just the kind of network that fits her lifestyle.


With the about.me Slack app, Jennifer can introduce herself, what she does, and how she could help anyone in the community  quickly and easily. From there, anyone can learn more about her, whether that means checking out her Instagram feed, viewing her portfolio, or reading her awesome bio through her about.me page. When team members learn more about Jennifer, they can spark up a conversation and start to build a relationship with her.


Jennifer can also see the about.me pages of everyone already in the community in the #aboutus channel, the team’s visual directory. Or she can learn more about someone specifically using the /about @username command to view their about.me page.


Install the about.me Slack app to help your team or community seamlessly introduce themselves, learn more about team members, and create valuable connections.


After you install the app, don’t forget to do the following:

  • Announce the app in #general, or a similar channel, and invite team members to connect or create their about.me page using the /aboutme command
  • Invite your team to the newly created #aboutus channel

P.S. We’re also on Product Hunt! ✨

3 responses to Introducing about.me for Slack

  1. Zoë Björnson – Author

    Hi Jasmine! Our Slack integration is a way to use Slack’s messaging to introduce yourself in a Slack channel using your about.me page. Let us know if you have further questions. 😄

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