5 Tips For Giving Your Best Compliment Yet

Telling a person that they inspire you can be tough, especially if you haven’t met in person.

But sending a compliment could be the key to landing you your dream job, giving you the confidence to write your own blog, or even building you a lifelong friendship. At about.me we decided to make complimenting easy.

By choosing one of our 10 compliments, you can specify what it is that you love about someone’s page. Giving a compliment is a great way to get a conversation going.


1. I’m impressed + I’m inspired

The fitness and lifestyle of blogger Evann Clingan (pictured above) is truly inspiring. The people who inspire you can be stored in your collections, so you can keep going back to their page and stay updated on their accomplishments.

2. Love your page + Great page + Great photo


Dan Greenberg, the co-founder and CEO of Sharethrough, has a great page utilizing Backstory and linking to his work. Dan also has a scenic and well-balanced photo.

3. Awesome Bio + Creative


UX Designer and Fantasy Writer S. Nathan‘s bio intertwines her personal and professional stories. S. Nathan also highlights various writing awards and her love of pop culture.

4. You’re Cool + Favorite


Award winning business journalist Antonio Neves is the Director of Higher Education at about.me. Antonio specializes in giving college students the skills they need to succeed in their careers.

5. Keep the compliment alive

Keep your complimenting alive by exchanging emails or links to your social media profiles. The relationship doesn’t end when you send your first compliment. Instead, that’s where it begins.


Anna Lizaur is a Marketing Manager with about.me. She graduated from the University of Virginia.


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