Updating the Bio Box

Updating the Bio Box

With our new editing tools, you may have noticed some changes around the site. Today we’d like to talk in depth about one particular area we’ve updated, the biography box or bio box for short.

Within the bio box there are two big changes.

1) You can do inline editing on the text in your bio box.

2) You can more easily change the shape of your bio box.

Let’s first address the change of inline editing, shown below. Previously on about.me when you clicked on your name and “Edit Page” a box would appear with areas for you to fill in. When trying to adjust your background image, move your bio box around or see changes live, this box would often get in the way. So we’ve eliminated the pop-up box and brought in drop down editing tools which allow you to have a clear view of the changes you’re making to your page.

Editing Tools biobox

When it comes to the bio box, this change means no more typing into a small box or struggling to see what appears on your page as you type, but editing your Name, Headline and Biography right on the page, as you see them. If you’re signed in and looking at your page, you don’t even have to click “Edit”. Just double click on your bio box and start making updates.

The second change to the bio box comes in the form of its sizing. Anyone who tried to reshape their bio box before will remember having to reduce or increase font sizes just to get a desirable shape. Now, it’s much easier. Just hover over the left or right side of your bio box, you’ll see a double sided arrow appear, and drag inward or outward to change the box’s form.

So go on, give it a try, edit your bio box and let us know what you think. Then for even more ideas on how to spruce up your page, check out our other tips posts.

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