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Meet Our New Editing Tools

We are always dreaming up creative ways to help you tell your story which is why we’re excited to announce our new, beautifully designed, editing tools. They make it more intuitive for you to update your about.me page and keep it looking its best. Here are just a couple of the tools we’ve added:

Templates: Not sure what colors or layout to choose for your page? We’ve carefully curated layouts and color palettes to help you make your page beautiful whether you’re revamping it or just starting out.

Editing Tools templates on about.me

Interests: In addition to “Interested In”, we’ve added a new category called “Known For” that allows you to add the unique skills that people know you for. Are you known for your amazing coffee making skills? Add it to your page so people with an interest in coffee will be able to find you more easily and connect.

Bio Box: You can now edit your bio text right within the bio box with our new inline editing feature. To change the shape, just drag the sides of the box to easily reshape it and create the best layout for your page, regardless of your font size!

Editing Tools biobox

Apps & Links + Embeds: Your page should make it as easy as possible for people to connect and engage with you on the web. With this in mind, we’ve added a simpler way for you to directly embed other social network apps and sites into your page through new “Sites” and “Embeds” tabs.

New Editing Tools on about.me

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