How to get Featured

We regularly get asked how to get added to the Featured section, chosen as a Staff Pick or posted to our Twitter, Facebook or Google+ pages. Below is generally what we are looking for as well as a few tips on how to present yourself on!

Have a complete page

First, we want to see all about you, not about our default options. A personal picture, a full biography (at least 3-4 sentences in length), apps and tags or interests are the basics we like to see. Then consider adding links, work, education and location to round it out. You don’t have to have every single option completely filled, but we are looking for pages that take advantage of the features we offer. Want inspiration? Check out our Staff Picks.

Show your face

We love seeing great background photos. If you have a headshot, use it. Not happy with the photos you have? Have quick photo shoot with a photographic friend.
As an alternative, use a scenic shot, one in action, a still life, interesting pattern or graphic design. There are lots of options here! The goal is to have a photo which reflects who you are or what you are passionate about, or both!

Jeremy Teng

Flaunt it

Regularly we hear requests for getting featured, without any reference to a page URL. If you write in, have it in your email signature. If you mention us on Twitter, make sure your page is linked there. Otherwise, we won’t know who to feature and you’ll be missing out on a great opportunity to present yourself to others!

AliReza Karimi Saremi

Share with friends

If you enjoy, why not share it with your friends? You have the chance to be featured for every friend who joins from one of your invite links or invitations. Happy Sharing!

Irmi Haager   Mike Calvert   Nadine N. Bone


One response to How to get Featured

  1. Complete Page ( Check )
    Show My Face ( Check ) & Keeping It Local…That’s Pacific Beach (PB) in the background…
    Flaunt It ( Check )

    Or should I say I am doing my best too do just that at the moment.

    Thank You About.Me. for creating such a cool ( and free ) site & thank you to all those who have complimented me & even reached out personally.

    Cheers !

    Corey R Jackson
    San Diego, CA

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