Introducing Collections: Pinterest for People

Have you ever found an page, then wanted to find it again later but couldn’t? We have. Being able to remember and find an page can mean the difference between making that connection, a key introduction or getting the job.

And now with our new dashboard feed and Quick View, it’s easier than ever to browse lots of pages. Since our dashboard feed launch, each person is viewing an average of 66 people per visit! With that kind of volume, it’s difficult to remember everyone you come across. And with that in mind, we built Collections.

Collections allow you to save and remember the people you come across on It’s like Pinterest for people.

Tony Conrad's Collections

Curate Interesting People

You can title your Collection whatever makes you happy and you can make it private or public. You can share your Collections or even embed them in your website. To kick start your Collections, we’ve made one each of your Twitter and Facebook friends who have pages.


How to use collections


  1. On every page and thumbnail, there’s a “+” button, which adds a page to a Collection.
  2. After you click the “+” button, you can add that page to a new or existing Collection.
  3. Then easily access that person by visiting your Collections page.

Discover new people

Collections are also a great way to discover new people on It’s fun and easy to browse other people’s Collections. It’s particularly interesting to browse Collections to which you’ve been added. Here are some fun Collections to browse from Ryan and Tony:

Tony Conrad's "Artists" Colleciton

Enjoy! The team

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  1. This is an excellent feature and will certainly be valuable. Since “curation in the next creation” being able to add people to collections around specific topics, companies, or places will be very useful.

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