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Meaningful Connections

about.me is a fantastic way to connect with other interesting people. It’s extremely easy to send someone a compliment and respond with a “thanks”. Frequently these small tokens of appreciation turn into larger interactions, and even partnerships or relationships.

Positive Community

This Twitter exchange between Christine and Darius is the type of interaction we get to observe everyday. At about.me, we pour our time and energy into creating a superior way to express your identity online, so it’s gratifying to see about.me connections happening all over the web.

Pass It On

Share a well written page on Twitter or a beautifully designed page on Pinterest, a small compliment can go a long way to brighten someone’s day. It might even lead to a future collaboration!

Happy Monday– together we can make this week happy and memorable!

Top image courtesy of Tara Nicole Dorsey

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  1. Reblogged this on Tony Conrad and commented:
    One of our biggest opportunities at about.me is to help our users forge meaningful connections. Our new dashboard and mobile app are an expression of our commitment to helping our users forge meaningful connections. Our current emphasis is on showing our users people interested in them and people with whom they have things in common is a great starting point. This month we’re working on a new feature to enable users to reply to make connections outside of about.me. More soon…..

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