Start cooking with Key Ingredient

Just in time for Thanksgiving, we are so thrilled to be adding Key Ingredient to our App Center. Key Ingredient makes you want to cook at home. If you already cook it home, it will further develop your interest in the culinary arts – trust me (after all, I do have a TrustCloud score of 761).


Collect and share any recipe online, get recipes on your mobile devices, and take them all right into the kitchen. Browse millions of beautiful photos and recipe’s and search for any and all of your favorite dishes. Make a Profile and start “CookMarking” your way to your own personalized cookbook of awesomeness.

With this integration you can display the latest recipes in your collection. Show your friends what you’re cooking and what dishes are important to you right now. Sign up for Key Ingredient and download their free app in the iTunes store. Then, add Key Ingredient to your page to showcase your beautiful recipe collection today!

On the web, on the go, and in the kitchen –– Key Ingredient is your recipe collection, everywhere.