An Instagram Background

We’re excited to offer the very first background template! Use your Instagram images to make a fantastic page all about you.

Choose from two options:

A collage of the your most recent pictures.

One image placed with your bio box.

To use either template, head to your Backgrounds tab and click the Instagram logo. If you don’t already, be sure you have Instagram added to your page. With one click, you can share your life and all of who you are with your visitors.

Let us know what you think! We can’t wait to hear your feedback.

8 responses to An Instagram Background

  1. alexmilligan

    For some reason it just shows my old instagram photos, not the most recent.

    Is there anything I can do?


  2. lauraglu

    Those are the most recent images on your Instagram app on your page as well. Can you contact us at the support link with your most recent instagram image URL and username there? Thanks!

  3. alexmilligan

    They aren’t the most recent images. I will send details in support now. Thanks

  4. This feature — enabling us to utilize Instagram pictures as background, has been there for a while, if I’m not mistaken.

  5. lauraglu

    Indeed since this post! We wanted to make sure everyone knew 🙂

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