Adding color to your copy

With a seemingly infinite number of colors to choose from, what’s the best way to pick the text on your page? We have a couple tips!

A pop of color

On a grayscale or black and white background, you have complete freedom for which color to choose. We recommend just using one – it really pops against the background! Julia and Natalie provide great example pages for this technique.

Coordinate with your background

Colorful backgrounds can present more of a challenge.  Take this opportunity to enhance your bio with colors from your background image to create a cohesive look.  Trako and Andrea show off this style.

Get an exact match

There are tons of free tools available to help you view the value for a color to get a perfect match. On a Mac, the Digital Color Meter is the default app to grab a color value. For Windows, ColorMania and ColorPic are both recommended.

There are more great examples in the Directory. Let us know if you’ve added some color to your name or bio text!

4 responses to Adding color to your copy

  1. This seems very suitable for specific portfolios, like video editors, graphic designers, perhaps also writers etc…
    Well, I can’t imagine someone who drives a taxi to have this kind of portfolio xD

  2. for great color schemes I do think that Adobe’s Kuler website is well worth a mention … don’t you think?

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