Discovering tags

We love the idea of discovery on And we’ve added an easy way to find pages – tags. It’s a breeze to find people in your area, those who share your interests or career. Above are the current results for “weight training.”

Want to be included in tag search results? Click through to the Biography tab at your Edit Profile view.

At the bottom, you can add up to ten tags. As you can see, a tag can include multiple words, like “San Francisco.” Then choose whether you’d like for them to display on your page or only be used for searching.

It’s been a blast finding obscure and interesting categories on We’ve started using this search to find pages to feature in our directory as well.

Have you added a unique tag to your page? Let us know here in the comments.

9 responses to Discovering tags

  1. Vanessa Bright

    Love it! I am curious, is it possible to create a page – a collection of people – and somehow control who can be in this group? Or, is it possible to create “a public favorites”? For example, a group of board members of professional association linked from the association site, or a group of bloggers of a company blog, etc.?

  2. Vanessa Bright

    This is fantastic! Where can I find an instruction how to build a directory? Also, are terms of use permit building of a directory for a for-profit company (customer support, sales, bloggers, etc.)?

    I absolutely love the tool… I am a digital marketer 🙂

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