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Spotlight 2011: Creators and Creatives

From fashionistas to photographers, today’s spotlight group celebrates all things (and people) creative! This group pushes the envelope when it come to design which shows with their pages.

Though many in this group defy labeling, many artistic endeavors are covered, from music, video, graphic design, languages and more. As Christine Joseph demonstrates, she’s a “writer, Japanophile, chef, model, thinker and creator.”

Beyond unique backgrounds, these creative types take their talents to crafting their biographies. Looking for tips on polishing your bio text? Check out our guest post from earlier in the year, covering this topic. The end of the year is a great time to reflect and rework your online presence.

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  1. Vrv

    this is great ! ..these guys are really full of creativity

    looking forward to my page ! ^_^

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