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Spotlight 2011: Tech Stars

Like Amanda above, these folks are comfortable with a keyboard in hand. Early-adopters, tech-savvy, digital-natives – any of these phrases can and likely have been used to describe our first group of year-end spotlight pages.

But each give insight into their other passions and hobbies, their relationships and accomplishments via their pages. Their background images and biographies tell the full story of who they are.

Given their roles in the technology space, they all have multiple services connected to their pages, offering more places to find and follow.

See a service you didn’t know we offered? Now’s a great time to catch up and connect with Github, Google+, AV and the others added throughout this year!

3 responses to Spotlight 2011: Tech Stars

  1. What a great post! The bar continues to rise as to the possibilities of using bio pages. Thanks for making it so easy, so open.

  2. lauraglu – Author

    Thanks John! It was tough to narrow down the pages we feature. But really fun to look through so many!

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