About.me, Mr. Smith’s and you

Two weeks ago we were happy to host about.me users at Mr. Smith’s bar in San Francisco, California. We met new people, got our pictures taken and enjoyed cocktails like “Manhattan.me.”

It was great to see everyone and we enjoyed seeing the new background pictures, taken by Justin and Boris. Heidi and Laura helped with backgrounds and font choice and answered about.me questions. And the other Bay Area about.me team members stopped by to say hello.

Next year our goal is to host more of these. If you’d be interested to help in hosting, please contact laura(@)about.me. We’ll be focusing on areas where there are a large number of about.me members, looking to meet each other in real life!

One response to About.me, Mr. Smith’s and you

  1. Thomas Hogan

    I love the idea of meeting up with other a.me ppl. It’s one of my favorite new services; to the point and narrows the scope from larger more convoluted spaces while still offering the user to go deeper when necessary. i call it my business card and it saves a lot of time. thanks team, next time i’m near the bay i’ll stop by, would love to chat.

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