Text + image = creative backgrounds

We’ve seen a number of pages who have text added to their background image, before the image is uploaded to about.me. This adds another opportunity for creativity and branding.

Brilliant Photography provides focus and impact with their page design, including a centered text integrated with their background image.

Tatiana Parra applies her clean aesthetic to her about.me page.

In contrast, Kody Christian‘s custom background adds complexity to his otherwise simple bio. Ian Ford customized his name and interacts with his biography.

What do you think? Have you seen other pages using custom text in their background?

8 responses to Text + image = creative backgrounds

  1. I love reading about.me blog posts. Just a tip: put a tweet and share button near the top of your blog posts. That will help people share it easily 🙂 Right now when I tweeted your post from the twitter icon at the bottom, this was my tweet: “Text + image = creative backgrounds http://wp.me/p1t8xH-iw /via @wordpressdotcom”. When you add your own tweet button, you can customize it to be via @aboutdotme = more social sharing awareness of your awesome about.me brand. Blog on 😉

  2. I challenge my friends to create their own bio. Amazing renditions pop out in minutes, plus the QR code through Moo.com is a major plus. The examples in your blog are stunning, well worth surfin’ around to check what’s shaking…

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