Introducing…the new faces of!

The team would like to CONGRATULATE and WELCOME the new faces of! They all worked tirelessly promoting their pages over the four weeks of our contest.

Without further ado, meet our winners:

Runners Up
Cenk Uygur
Brooke Woods
Freeman’s Fitness
Lisa Foiles
Brad Starks
John Romaniello

All ten profiles will be featured on our digital billboard in Times Square beginning October 8th. The three grand prize winners are being flown to New York City to see the billboard in action and attend our exclusive event. Keep an eye out for a follow up post with pictures and a recap of our winners in Times Square!

The team would like to send a huge THANK YOU to everyone who participated in this contest. We saw some amazing profiles and are so impressed with the community. If you didn’t win this time around, never fear! We will have more opportunities to show off your page in the future, so stay tuned!

19 responses to Introducing…the new faces of!

  1. Hey some great profiles there … and all deserved winners, but no Brits?! What’s up with us Island folk are we too reserved and shy to get ourselves ‘out there’ ….. what do you guys recommend to get this side of the Atlantic producing better, sexier and even more quirky Bio’s. Notice lots of professional photography going on – is this the key?

  2. Hi Simon – unfortunately this particular contest was open to US residents only, but we certainly have lots of quirky and fun pages out there from all over the world!

  3. WoW!! SPEECHLESS!!! Congrats to everyone and I need to send a special thanks to 2 special people: Lena Castles who supported my every step. You are truly my greatest asset!! And to the one and only Bethesda Jackson, who taught me how to be a better man by dressing up and becoming a woman with a “hair flip” and a dream!! Lets get together on camera and do an interview ASAP!!
    Big thanks to the crew/”Big Brains” at About.Me for coming up with such a great idea to showcase how useful this web platform is you’ve created. Looking forward to starting a splash page for Bethesda Jackson in the next few days! P.S. (If you hear the “Charlie’s Angels” theme in your offices, you will know she’s there working the “Hair Flip” at the water cooler!!) 😉

  4. Benson

    Congrats to the winners! But we gots the 🙁 sad face…our hopes were raised by the “top 5%” we kept seeing; but in the end that must not have meant too much (5% of what I suppose is what we should have asked… a million? a thousand? ). Maybe next time…

  5. congratulations to all! :D. glad to know it has gone to some well deserved people! cant wait to see this billboard in timesquare!

  6. Welcomme to all and I hope to read you soon and see what’s new on @aboutdotme. What about Times Square ? …

  7. mh.

    Please support right to left alignment in biography information menu to rtl languages user. tnx

  8. Congrats to the winners! I do agree with Benson, though. We were led on by the Top 5% claims, when most of us probably weren’t anywhere near the top.

  9. Glad to see finally see the Winners. What was the final number of votes considering we all were the “Top 5%!”

  10. Dumptruck

    This is soooooo cool! Can’t wait to meet the other winners in NYC! Thanks to all of the roller derby community for making this happen! Work it out!


    Congrats to all of you winners, you all worked very hard and of course it paid off. Great Job! Keep up the good work

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