In it to win

So, you’ve entered our contest to become the face of – now what? How can you secure a coveted spot on the Times Square billboard? There are still 22 days remaining!

We’re here to help. We’ve added a bunch of ways you can share you page and ask for votes – on Twitter, Facebook and via email, right from your page. Click the icon you’d like to share to, add some flair to the text, and share away. We’d recommend switching it up and sharing to each service a couple times a week.

We know you have other networks you are a part of however, so be sure to share beyond what we offer. Make sure you are sharing places where you have friends and followers – like Instagram, tumblr, Google+ and formspring.

Another way to garner votes is to blog about your entry, and why you should win. What makes your page unique or your story special? Share the post to Twitter, Facebook and beyond to provide visitors a reason to vote for you. Better yet, create a website or Facebook page, touting why you should win.

Feeling extra creative? Grab a friend or two and make a video all about why YOU should be the face of Share your video on YouTube, Vimeo, Google+ and more to let everyone know you’re a star!

Finally, consider representing a cause. We’ve seen a number of pages focused on raising awareness for a campaign. This opens your voting audience up to anyone who supports the same cause as you.

Times Square – NYC image via Daadi

20 responses to In it to win

  1. JJ

    @Joseph: Agreed! I too have seen a few web celebs asking for some votes and I can’t help but think that the average Joe (no pun intended on your behalf!) stands a chance 🙁

    But yeah, vote for me please 😉

  2. The Beat Dolls deserve to win this because they would be a great spokesperson for What better way to show what this website can do and how it can be utilized than for an indie punk band from Austin, TX just chasing the dream.

    However, the reason why they deserve to win is because they have been fighting for 5 years to claim respect, notoriety, and spread their love of rock–oh and by the way, the creator, songwriter, guitar player and lead singer is female–something that is rare these days.

    Support local music and vote for The Beat Dolls. They won’t ever give up to be heard and a hard-working band who deserve a break!

  3. lauraglu

    No there isn’t. You can see where you rank within 5% on your own page however.

  4. Leo

    Honestly, I think this is just the chance for the every day joe to prove that they can do it, I really hope I win and I also encourage you to vote for me too Check out my profile! btw I’m also one of the best dog groomers around (had too throw that in there)

  5. I created 2 websites, a facebook page and on my way to creating a you tube. I do not support a particular cause but I do represent a witty new York college student who does more volunteer work than actual paid work. Also, I keep hearing that you can have anything you want if you put you’re entire energy towards it… i’m here to see if that concept is right.

    should I dare say… vote for me? At least let’s vote for each other other than the celeb’s. This is our time. This is our turn!

  6. Hi Ryan,
    I am participating in the contes of that I find very interesting, a good operation of marketing, but I now have discovered reading well that just from the america can be participated.
    Now, considering that on all the profiles there is the possibility of vote, I live in Italy and I am in the top 5, with my profile Ibut…….I cannot win.
    This for me is around a taking. Because if the vote is open to all the profiles of the world, so the contest should be able to be defeated from every country of the world. No? I wait for an explanation. Good job. Gian Luca

  7. Gian Luca,

    I agree with you. If people from all over the world are promoting their site, why can’t they be part of the contest. However, it might be to late to change anything since the contest is about to end soon. p.s. (vote for me :P)

  8. Gian Luca,

    You are right, it is never to late to correct a problem. However, instead of just pointing out a problem, how do you suggest this problem to be fixed?

    -Hager Salem

  9. Just say, Ok…….guys we have done a mistake, we applied a good idea in a bad way. …….so……we will correct the rule of the contest, and it will be open to all the profiles of the world.;)
    Or……..dont apply the vote botton on the profile out af America.
    Gian Luca Ranno 😉

  10. Misty,

    you say you’re promoting animal rescue but the only place on your page that you mention animals in on the very top when you are asking for votes. The rest of your page you are promoting your self and your work. It is fine to promote yourself. but it is not ok to say that you promote a cause when in fact you don’t. Looks like you are only saying that in order to get votes.

    I’ll appreciate it if you kept it real. If you said “vote for me cause i’m a social media consultant with many years of experience” i would have voted for you. because then you would have been honest.

    you are not honest and do not deserve votes.


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