SXSW 2012 – vote for!

Two members of the team submitted talks for next year’s South by Southwest Interactive Conference and Festival.  We’re excited to share with the SXSW audience what we’ve seen and learned from the community and our past experiences.  And, we’d appreciate your support and votes for our panels to make it in to the final programming.

Co-founder Ryan Freitas will be discussing “Designing for Context” with an all-star panel of researchers and product developers.  They will touch on environment, distractions, location and more.  Thumbs-up and add additional topics and questions in the comments there.

Community manager (me) Laura Gluhanich is leading a talk aimed at new entrepreneurs and founders, discussing how to support your first 10 million users.  I’ll be covering tools, best practices and guidelines for scaling from beta users to some major milestones.

Our friend Carla Borsoi is also leading a panel about online identity, a topic near and dear to us. She’s specifically focused on the job search, posting a resume online and differentiating yourself from the rest of the internet.

We appreciate your comments, votes and sharing!

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  1. lauraglu

    Click through to the panel and hit the thumbs up icon. Thanks David!

  2. Thanks for the shout out! If any members have great job stories, or want to share how they’ve used their profile(s) in their job search, would love to hear from them.

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